Port Of Spain - Post Report Question and Answers

Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

Take an unlocked mobile phone and pay for the local service. $40 a month for a local provide with internet. Everyone uses WhatsApp to communicate here, so download it if you don't already have it. Also, have your family and friends in the US and other countries download it, too (just in case they're living in the 90s and don't already use it). Embassy staff will get a local phone. However, that phone will not get roaming service unless you return to the US on official travel (training, R&R, etc.). - Aug 2021

There are options, but I don't have specific recommendation. Some folks keep home country plan but that's kind of expensive. T and T does have area code (868) so it's not hard to dial in and out to USA. - Mar 2019

I have Digicel, but most of my expat friends have bmobile. I recommend Digicel because it’s more user-friendly and has better coverage on both Trinidad and Tobago. You could bring a U.S. phone and have it unlocked, but it’s not advisable to walk around with an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy in plain sight. - Apr 2017

There are two companies. BMobile and Digicel. Both have comparable plans/rates. You can do pre-paid or pay for a data plan. Averages about same as in the U.S. - Aug 2016

It's available and inexpensive. - May 2016

Bring an unlocked cell phone, there are multiple service providers to choose from. - Jun 2015

Bring an unlocked phone and buy minutes-it's cheap. - May 2015

Any unblocked phone. Buy a prepaid card. - Aug 2014

Any unlocked phone will do. - Dec 2013

Cell phones are ubiquitous and cheap. - Oct 2012

ubiquitous and cheap. - Feb 2011

Get a cell phone when you arrive. They are very cheap, but roaming is expensive. - May 2010

I believe cell phones here are readily available and reliable. - Nov 2009

Digicel for local purposes only. - Mar 2008

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