Port Of Spain - Post Report Question and Answers

Are credit cards widely accepted and safe to use locally? Are ATMs common and do you recommend using them? Are they safe to use?

You can use credit cards and ATMs here. You can use them to buy groceries and going out to dinner. No issues. Most people cash checks at the Embassy to pay their staff. - Aug 2021

I always use my credit card except on rare occasions, but I have never used an ATM here. I try to cash checks for local currency at the Embassy. ATMs seem generally safe but you just need to use the same precautions that one would use in the USA. There are some ATM scams but again, general awareness is key. - Mar 2019

Visa is widely accepted in POS, Mastercard to a lesser extent. Nowhere I’ve visited takes American Express or Discover. Outside POS, at local establishments, and in Tobago, expect to use cash. ATMs are fairly common but sometimes dispense fake bills (particularly 50s), which banks will NOT swap out for you. I recommend using the machines at RBC on Sweet Briar and at the Scotiabank that’s adjacent to Independence Square. I’d caution against taking out money at night. - Apr 2017

Credit cards are used with all major business. Cash only for local vendors, extracurricular activities (kids clubs/sports instructors, etc). - Aug 2016

critical crime so be careful - May 2016

Credit cards and ATMS are widely accepted. I only used legitimate bank ATMS (RBC, Scotia Bank) and luckily haven't experienced any problems. - Jun 2015

We use both. I have USAA so the ATM fees get reimbursed. - May 2015

No problems. Just security concerns when you withdraw from the ATM. - Aug 2014

I think it's safe for the most part but make sure your card is insured. Withdraw cash when you can and be safe at ATMs and banks. - Dec 2013

ATMs are readily available. Credit cards are accepted everywhere. - Oct 2012

Available. West Mall has ATM which also dispenses US dollars. - Feb 2011

I have had no problems using ATMs. - Jan 2011

Most credit cards are accepted, except Diners' Club and American Express. There are lots of ATM machines. - May 2010

Credit cards / ATMS can be used at major restaurants, hotels and ATMs with no problem. Just be sure to warn your bank where you are going, so your card isn't blocked. - Nov 2009

No problem with either. There is Scotia Bank, RBTT, First Citizens, and many ATMs. If you are coming from North America, get a Capital One card before you come; they don't charge currency conversion fees. - Mar 2008

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