Port Of Spain - Post Report Question and Answers

Would someone with physical disabilities have difficulties living in this city?

Yes, there are not many sidewalks and there are lots of holes in the road. Larger shopping centers do offer handicapped parking, but many places (including the Embassy) are not wheelchair accessible. - Aug 2021

Yes and no. There are parking spots for those with handicaps and other basic attempts to accommodate, but a lot of the infrastructure is not ADA complaint. - Mar 2019

T&T is a really bad place for people with physical impairments. Sidewalks are crumbling if they even exist and many places outside POS don’t have elevators. - Apr 2017

It is not handicapped accessible. - Aug 2016

I have not seen any accomodations. - May 2016

Yes. The roads and sidewalks are a disaster. - Jun 2015

Not really although the sidewalks are cracked and in bad shape - May 2015

Yes. Sidewalks as we know them do not exist. - Aug 2014

Not really but the sidewalks and streets can be riddled with potholes and can be very narrow just to walk/drive. - Dec 2013

Infrastructure is NOT accommodating to individuals with physical disabilities. - Oct 2012

Yes. Few facilities are accessible. Handicapped-accesible buses are few and far between. - Feb 2011

There are not too many services for people with physical disabilities. - May 2010

Many..this city is not built for folks with disabilities. - Nov 2009

A lot. Broken or non-existent sidewalks, lack of elevators, no such thing as lift-buses. - Mar 2008

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