Port Of Spain - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there problems with ethnic, race/racial minorities or religious prejudices? Gender equality?

Maybe amongst each other, but they are very nice to foreigners. There are some issues if locals think you're Venezuelan...that could be an issue. - Aug 2021

See above - Mar 2019

Contrary to what many people believe, T&T is divided. Although it’s common to see mixed marriages, particularly among the middle- and upper-class Indo-Trinis and Afro-Trinis, the political landscape is starkly bifurcated (PNM = Afro and UNC = Indo). Similarly, T&T has a decided lack of gender equality. Women should expect to be cat-called and honked at with regularity. - Apr 2017

Yes, much attitude between the races, in every direction. Again, it grinds you down. - May 2016

Most of the country is divided along racial lines, however there doesn't appear to be any open prejudices. Gender prejudices against women seem to be socially acceptible. - Jun 2015

No - May 2015

Discrimination is a big deal here. Afro-trini against Indo-trini and vice versa. Resentment against whites exists and is manifested in a very passive aggressive manner. - Aug 2014

There is a lot of racism amongst Trini's. The East Indian or Indo-Trini vs. people of African descent or just darker colored folk. You see it in the streets all the time that's not to say it develops into violence but it's apparent to me. If you pay attention to who works certain jobs then that's a first step, most Indo-Trini's believe crime is caused by the Afro-Trini. - Dec 2013

None. - Oct 2012

T&T prides itself on its racial and religious diversity. - Feb 2011

not known - Jan 2011

Trinidad is a very class-conscious country. - May 2010

Trinis generally segregate amongst the races. Afro-trinis, Indian-Trinis, and White-trinis usually don't cross racial lines, although it sometimes happens. If you are a white American or European, you will stand out here. - Nov 2009

No. This is way to diverse an island. This might be the most diverse population in the world. Trinis are white, black, Chinese, East Indian, West Indian, Syrian, Muslim, Hindu, Catholic, etc. and every mixture of the above you can imagine. There are 15-16 legal holidays a year in Trinidad and a lot are related to some group's religion and/or ethnicity. - Mar 2008

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