Port Of Spain - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

Sure, if not for Covid. This is a tough place for older kids (10 and up) since there are not many things to keep them occupied. For young families, its excellent because you will enjoy the weather and your nice home with a pool. - Aug 2021

All of the above, you just have to be willing to accept T and T for what it is or is not. - Mar 2019

Singles: This is a difficult question to answer. T&T is deceptively good for men, who have to be careful because a lot of young women act and dress much older than they actually are. (This is very true during Carnival.) If I were a woman, I wouldn’t try my luck here, but there are several French expats I’ve heard of who married Trini men and moved here.

Couples/Families: I think T&T is best for childless couples and/or empty-nesters who like the outdoors. The country is devoid of parks (and general activities for children) but has beautiful forest trails and waterfalls. - Apr 2017

I'd say its good for both singles and families. Its a very Caribbean feel in that there is no sense of urgency regarding anything. There is very little to do here so if you don't like the beach/sand, boating, outdoor hikes, etc then there wouldn't be much for you. This country has the most public holidays so there are lots of opportunities for long weekends, trips to Tobago, etc. - Aug 2016

for young families with babies or young children it would be nice, as there is nothing to do so you can have all the quality family life you want. - May 2016

Families with older children and singles will enjoy Trinidad. It is not conducive to families with small children. The limited number of parks are in disrepair. There isn't a lot to do with young kids besides the beach and zoo. Families with older children can enjoy boating, hiking, golfing and sports associated with the school. There is a decent nightlife here, most singles and childless couples have a very robust social life. - Jun 2015

For couples without kids, it would be great. There are lots of hikes, outdoor activities, bars, Carnival and quick flights to other places. For families with older kids, it would be nice too. We have young kids and it can be very boring. It is typically too hot to go to the parks during the day and the parks are run down. The beach is also 45 minutes away. We were often stuck trying to figure out ways to entertain our kids! - May 2015

It's not a good city for any group if you compare it to any other city in Central or South America, Europe, or Asia. It might be a step up from Guyana. - Aug 2014

Great for families and couples, singles may have a challenge if they don't get out and about and make friends. Families tend to hang together which is good for outings and support, couples do the same with other couples and get by pretty well. Singles have to be self-starters and not afraid to mingles with the locals, the only problem is that you don't know who to trust. I heard a story recently (9/2013) where a guy met a girl at a local club and took her home, needless to say he woke up with most of his home empty (robbed with a date rape drug). Also Trini's tend to be self motivated so they will try to use you for some particular reason or another unless you are very perceptive with people. - Dec 2013

Very good city for all groups. I took my kids (all girls) to every corner of the country. - Oct 2012

I think pretty good for all. Great for none. - Feb 2011

It's better for married folks. - Jan 2011

This is not a good city for singles. It is a good city for families and couples open to learning the culture. - May 2010

This is a better assignment for families/couples than for single folks. Due to the security situation, singles cannot go to all the places if they wnat to go alone. It is also easier for males vs. females. - Nov 2009

Families with school-age kids, couples. I would think college kids wouldn't be here anyway. For singles it is hard to say; there is some night club life, but due to security issues, there isn't the free and easy atmosphere of other islands. - Mar 2008

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