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Bolivians are very nice, mellow people. If you show them a smile and proper respect throughout all strata, you will do well here. - Sep 2016

La Paz is overall a very nice post-the difficult bilateral relationship is a downer at work as is the constant negative rhetoric in the news and from government officials. However, regular Bolivians are typically very welcoming and interested in Americans and foreigners in general. It pays to get out and make friends with as many Bolivians as possible-your experience here will be much enriched. - Jan 2014

If you have heart issues do not come; This is a high-altitude post at 12500 feet. - Feb 2012

This is a nice post with good management. It's just the right size of mission – not too small and not too big. You will save money here and 25% differential is worth living in the highest capital city in the world for two years! - May 2011

It can be an adjustment regarding the altitude and missing American products (amazing how you can miss Kraft products!), but that is to be expected since you are visiting another country!The people are friendly and helpful, the scenery is beautiful, and it is an experience worth having! - Mar 2011

The people here are very kind. They deserve better from their government. I will miss the Bolivians when I leave. - Aug 2010

Great place for families with small children. - Jan 2010

Our family loves this place. There are challenges working here, but that keeps things interesting. The quality of life is high and the school is great. What more could you ask for? - Aug 2009

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