La Paz - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

German school, American School, French School. We've heard good things about them all. American school is good through middle school. can't speak to later grades. My kids had good teachers and a nice experience there. They were well-prepared for re-entry into the USA, and even a bit ahead of their peers. - Dec 2019

We know families who attend the French school, the German school, ACS Calvert, and Highlands Christian School. We have no personal experience with any of them except the ACS families which appear to be very, very unhappy. The German school follows the Bolivian school calendar, which runs February thru December. - Feb 2019

ACS Calvert is the American embassy sponsored school. It is fully accredited and most of the embassy folks attend. The school has above average MAP scores for the region and for the U.S. The school is sending its seniors to very good schools in the States, including some recent Ivy League acceptances. Class sizes are higher in the primary grades. It offers K-12 and has over 500 students. Due to political changes over the last decade or so, the school has experienced a shift in demographics to more of a host country makeup. However, the school employs many high quality American staff, and is making a concerted effort to focus more on its international (read: American) clientele. After school, team sports, and extracurricular activites include: soccer (of course!), volleyball, basketball, swimming (the pool is the best in La Paz), drama, among others. - Sep 2016

They are here. French, German, US. - we chose a local school as we were unhappy with ACS. - Jun 2015

Most embassy children go to the American Cooperative School (ACS). There is also Highlands as an option, and a Montessori school. Our son is in 1st grade, so our experience is fine at ACS. - Apr 2015

There are two or three options but most Embassy families attend ACS. Some others attend Highlands. It seems like most parents are satisfied but there does seem to be a lack of extracurricular or academic enrichment activities. - Jan 2014

ACS has been improving over the years. The administration is currently very strong and there will be more American teachers in this coming year. I don't really have experience with the other schools, but there are a few. - Jul 2013

Take your time when choosing. You do have options here. There is a German school, two International Schools (ACS and The Highlands- Christian School) and Montessori Schools. Lots of parents complain about ACS, but they send their kids there because it seems to be the easier thing to do. Most of the complaints involve the Middle School-High School. Just take your time and really visit the schools before enrolling. - Jun 2013

Not sure. - Feb 2012

Schools are really good. Excellent campus with lots of features including a swimming pool, gym, libraries, sports fields, etc. Lots of afterschool activities and great preschool program. Caring staff and administration. - May 2011

I don't have kids but I heard very good comments about the high standard of the American school. the German and the French school are also good options. - May 2011

American Cooperative School is the international school here. There is a good mix of many nationalities as well as many Bolivian families that attend ACS. I have three children there, and they all seem to like it. It seems to be a good school, but they are having problems now keeping enrollment up, not as many families coming from outside Bolivia to join the school. - Mar 2011

American Cooperative School. - Aug 2010

My kids were too young - Jan 2010

The American School (ACS) is excellent. Wonderful teachers and administration. Active community life at the school and a broad range of after school activities for all ages. - Aug 2009

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