Knowing what you know now, would you still move to this city?

Sure. - Dec 2019

Not sure. The anxiety and digestive issues have been really difficult to endure. - Feb 2019

Absolutely. - Sep 2016

YES! - Apr 2015

Probably not. The altitude is seriously hard and the political situation really wears on you. The Embassy has had a lot of staffing shortages for a reason. - Nov 2014

Yes. - Jan 2014

Absolutely! - Jul 2013

No. - Jun 2013

No, because of health issues and the lack of entertainment for small children. - Jul 2012

Not sure, the altitude was hard on me. - Feb 2012

Yes - Aug 2011

I will need about a decade break - but yeah- I wouldn't be opposed to doing another tour. If government relations improve - for sure. Bolivian people really like Americans even if there are major disagreements between our governments. - May 2011

No. Poverty is right in front of you and people here don't want any kind of help. They like their lifestyle and don't want any kind of improvement. - May 2011

Yes - Mar 2011

Yes. - Aug 2010

Yes! - Jan 2010

Absolutely. - Aug 2009

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