La Paz - Post Report Question and Answers

What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

Clothes detergent, hand soap, Pepperidge Farm Double Chocolate Milanos, nuts and dried fruit (pricey here). Things we did ship to post and were thankful that we did: paper goods (toilet paper, paper towels), maple syrup, beans (canned as well as dry- they are surprisingly hard to find here!), coconut oil, brown sugar (not sold in small grain sizes here), applesauce, sunscreen, brownie mix, mojo criollo (it's a Cuban food staple). U.S-Standard sized notebooks and loose-leaf notebook paper are extremely hard to find. - Feb 2019

We don't lack for anything here. Whatever we deem too expensive locally, we order through Amazon and Wal-Mart. I believe consumables are still offered. We utilized that once, but it wasn't really necessary. - Sep 2016

Juice, maple syrup, EVOO, bubble solution for the kids. Fresh juice is good here but sours quickly. Boxed juice tastes like a box. You can get Ocean Spray here but it is expensive. - Jun 2015

100% pure maple syrup. - Apr 2015

More specialty baking supplies, gardening supplies, toys to give as gifts (toys are REALLY expensive here). A good gas BBQ would have been great-getting a regular BBQ here to heat up sufficiently takes a lot of work-things don't burn well with less oxygen in the atmosphere. - Jan 2014

Dog food, toilet paper....I ordered food from Amazon often, which was wonderful. We didn't do a consumables shipment and were able to find most things. - Jul 2013

Toilet Paper, paper towels, canned soups, cereals, peanut butter, dish soap, laundry soap....basically, any American item that you really like. You will not find it here -- or if you do, you will pay much more for it. - Jun 2013

We went shopping for everything we wanted as part of our consumables allowance. Buy anything you need from paper products, medicines, food etc. - Jul 2012

Detergent, canned items that you like, warm clothing, heaters for the house, transformers for electrical items. - Feb 2012

Toilet paper, liquid detergent and fabric softeners, brown sugar, chocolate chips, spices and sauce mixes. - Aug 2011

I was thinking of a Westin Heavenly Bed – the bed GSO provide is rock solid hard and killing my back. - May 2011

Detergent. Lots of it. Your favorite american snacks and if you have pets, pet food and medicines for fleas. - May 2011

Food items that can't be found here, shoestrings (yes shoestrings), some school supplies, household items such as towels, bathroom rugs, shower curtains, etc. Those are sold here, but very expensive. No Wal-Marts here! - Mar 2011

Nuts, cheddar cheese, TP, your favorite canned foods, and sports gear. - Aug 2010

None, you can get everything. If you want -- Asian spices maybe.. - Jan 2010

Cereal (primarily because of the cost), chocolate chips, crackers, generally taste-specific items. - Aug 2009

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