Are local sports classes and/or activities available for kids?

Our children take horseback riding lessons, flamenco classes, and tennis. Other families have children in gymnastics. Soccer programs exist at the German Club and in Aranjuez. Quality music instruction is near impossible (if at all possible) to find, and we have had to resort to online instruction. - Feb 2019

ACS Calvert offers soccer, dance, music, etc....after school. There are other options around town, including at the country clubs (German Club, Tennis Club, Golf Club). My kids take golf lessons at the 'highest golf course in the world.' Also, believe it or not, the embassy has a fast pitch softball league, and there is a burgeoning little league that sometimes competes locally throughout Bolivia. It's pretty rough, but the sport does exist here. - Sep 2016

Yes. Soccer is big here. - Jun 2015

Probably through the schools. - Jan 2014

ACS has a sports program for Secondary and an after-school program for Elementary, but they are not up to American standards and competition lacks. - Jul 2013

Not many. The schools have some, but they are not competitive. As kids get older, this can be an issue -- as they seem to grow much more when in competitive sports. Even most local sports teams do not compete against each other. - Jun 2013

At the ACS school. - Jul 2012

Not sure. - Feb 2012

Plenty! - May 2011

In the school, yes. - May 2011

I believe so, but am not sure. My children are involved in sports at their school, ACS. - Mar 2011

I believe so - Jan 2010

Lots of sports programs through the school. Also private clubs including golf and tennis. - Aug 2009

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