What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

People dress casually in public (but nicely to go out), suits to work. - Dec 2019

Formal business attire with casual Fridays. Bolivians dress smartly. - Sep 2016

They are pretty American here when it comes to style but athletic wear is sometimes looked down on. Some folks would rather be late dropping their kids off for a playdate than wear yoga pants. - Jun 2015

Business casual at work. Casual in public. - Nov 2014

Business casual in the Embassy, casual in public. - Jan 2014

At the embassy it's professional; in public it's casual. - Jul 2013

Casual. - Jun 2013

It is cold, so jackets and sweaters. - Jul 2012

Same as any other Embassy, relax for casual evenings. Since it is usually cold people have leather jackets, etc. - Feb 2012

Varied, layers are a must in La Paz. - Aug 2011

Business Mon-Thurs. Casual Friday. - May 2011

Sporty. People are very humble here. - May 2011

Depending on where you work at the embassy, casual dressy to suit and tie. In public, there are many types of dress, but it is better to dress casual but nice. People even dress nice to go to the yummy popular ice cream shop. - Mar 2011

At work it is suit and tie,and in public it is jeans and polos or sweats. - Aug 2010

Fairly formal. Women wear these ridicolously high spiky boots. Could never understand... - Jan 2010

Business Casual to normal work attire. In public normal attire. - Aug 2009

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