What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

Drinking, dancing...standard FS lifestyle. Also, there is a hash group. As mentioned before, the embassy loves its fast pitch softball team. Embassy folks attend lots of barbeques and get-togethers. It is a very social post. - Sep 2016

Alcohol is big here. - Jun 2015

Get-together's, playdates, & BBQs at home are common. Going out to eat or for drinks. And sports - softball, soccer, tennis, etc. - Apr 2015

Ha... Theoretically there are outdoor activities but the infrastructure is not developed, so you do it at your own risk. The social scene is pretty dead. Locals and expats stick to house parties and don't go out much. - Nov 2014

Many people entertain at home but there are a fair amount of cultural things going on if you get into it. There are two decent movie theaters with first-run films in English with Spanish subtitles. Cinemateca is a good art house film theater that shows first run U.S., European and South American films and also hosts the national film archive. There is a bowling lane and a strange plastic ice-skating rink at the MegaCenter mall and a paint ball place. During the summer, there are music and dance performances and vendors every weekend on the Prado downtown which is closed to car traffic. There are regular art gallery openings to attend. There are a lot of classical music performances and visiting performers from around South America if you watch for them. Big American acts don't often come here as there are few appropriate venues for big concerts. - Jan 2014

A lot of socializing at homes, a few really good restaurants, some clubs uptown that people enjoy. There are more high-end restaurants and bars opening. - Jul 2013

There is nothing to do here. Most entertaining will be done in your home. There is a movie theater. Kid's movies are ONLY shown in spanish. Others are in english, dubbed in spanish. - Jun 2013

At your house, few restaurants, great movie theater. - Jul 2012

At your home or few local restaurants. - Feb 2012

Movie theaters, bowling alleys, and lots of restaurants are available. Single family homes have built in gills so BBQs are popular. - Aug 2011

Sometimes - not too much unless you want to. - May 2011

A few restaurants, night life is good, bolivians are very friendly. - May 2011

There is plenty to do here, the embassy always has activities and functions. - Mar 2011

Possible if you look for it. For singles, there is a lot to do. The embassy community always has some activity going on that sometimes you have to decline in order to take a break. - Aug 2010

We went out a lot to restaurants and made very good Bolivian friends with whom we entertained, went to their houses and they came to ours. - Jan 2010

As active as you want it to be. Some decent restaurants. - Aug 2009

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