English-language newspapers and TV available? Cost?

Multivision has English/Spanish channels, Direct TV comes from Puerto Rico, the newspapers are in Spanish. - Jul 2013

No newspapers in english. TV channels are in both. You can get cable or Direct TV from Puerto Rico. - Jun 2013

Direct TV from Puerto Rico. - Jul 2012

Direct TV Puerto Rico about US$60 a month. - Feb 2012

Digital cable and Direct TV, children's and some educational programming is only in Spanish. - Aug 2011

No - not really, but the internet works, we have cable at the embassy, and have directv at home with a few English channels. - May 2011

Cable for 300 dollars for 6 months. Direct TV is more expensive but you need to have the correct equipment. - May 2011

There are no English-language newspapers here. They have local cable here, with many English-language channels. Cost is affordable but combined with the internet services here, the prices are medium to high. Many people here order Direct-TV. - Mar 2011

Internet, mostly for U.S. news. - Aug 2010

Through cable you can get US TV - Jan 2010

Not so much on the newspapers. TV cable and directv are available. - Aug 2009

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