What English-language religious services are available locally?

That I know of, Catholic and non-denominational Protestant. La Iglesia Biblica de Mallasilla offers translation by earpiece. - Feb 2019

There are two English language services that I am aware of here in Zona Sur. - Apr 2015

There are a few English language services in town. - Jan 2014

There is a community church where they speak English. - Jul 2013

Not many. There is one english-speaking protestant church. Many catholic churches, though, but I'm not sure if any are in english. - Jun 2013

Not sure. - Feb 2012

Yes - Aug 2011

Yes - there are but I don't go. I like sleep on Sundays. - May 2011

Not too much. - May 2011

Yes, there are a few English-language churches in the area. There are mostly Catholic churches, but many other denominations here also. - Mar 2011

All. - Aug 2010

Yes. - Aug 2009

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