What is the availability and cost of household help, and what types of help are typically employed by expatriates?

Fairly inexpensive, about US $400-$500 per month for a full-time nanny or housekeeper. Expats usually employ one or the other or both. - Dec 2019

Americans typically pay upwards of 350 Bolivianos (abt 50$) per day for a housekeeper/cook/nanny. Often, they work in all three capacities at once. The locals pay about 70 Bs per day ($10) which might explain why it's so hard to find good help. Most of those in the American circuit have formed a sort of social circle and seem to be chatty and demanding. Hiring outside the embassy pool may be challenging but may yield better results. Most families here also hire a gardener/handyman as some of the properties have fairly extensive gardens. Our gardener built a raised garden bed for us to grow our own lettuce and herbs. - Feb 2019

Household help is readily available. Work pace, capacity, and ethic is not North American usually. Very cheap for the region. - Sep 2016

Affordable. - Jun 2015

Domestic help is easy to find. We pay about US$325 per month for full-time help (she works Mon-Fri from 9am-5pm). We also have a gardener 1 day per week who we pay about US$80 per month. - Apr 2015

Less than US$20 a day for a housekeeper, many also cook and watch the kids for not much more. - Nov 2014

Good domestic help is available and reasonable, usually less than US$250 a month for full-time help for a housekeeper/cook plus health insurance about US$50 every 2 months. There is an extra month salary bonus required at Christmas. Gardeners are about US$20 a day. English is not widely spoken though. - Jan 2014

Very affordable. Ours became a part of our family. She took care of the dogs, ran our errands, paid our bills, cooked and cleaned everything. We paid a bit more, but usually only about $250-$350 a month. - Jul 2013

It is easy to get great help. And cheap. Most people have full-time or live-in help for less than $350/month. - Jun 2013

Inexpensive. - Jul 2012

Maids about US$200 a month full-time. - Feb 2012

Best domestic help so far. - Aug 2011

My domestic employee also helps with the kids. She also babysits for us when the wife and I go out. - May 2011

120 dollars per month and they do everything. - May 2011

The embassy has a good program of finding domestic help. Cost is affordable, and most families seem to be happy with their employees. - Mar 2011

$210 USD a month for a full-time maid, 40 hours a week. Very helpful. - Aug 2010

Readily available, good and cheap (about 150 USD) for full time. - Jan 2010

Generally good quality, very available and inexpensive. - Aug 2009

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