Do you have any recommendations regarding mobile phones? Did you keep your home-country plan or use a local provider?

Entel is the government-owned company, and it has the best service. - Dec 2019

There are many cheap options. Bring an unlocked iPhone and you are good to go. - Sep 2016

Get one. Email isn't a thing with the locals or schools. They like phone calls, text messages, and Whats App - Jun 2015

I brought and use my iPhone 5. For 1GB per month plan with ENTEL, it's US$7 plus text and minutes. I normally pay about US$11 per month total. - Apr 2015

Blackberries are usually provided to all Embassy officers, pay as you go cell phones and service are reasonable to purchase for family members. The Embassy uses Entel, more popular are TIGO and VIVA. You can get sim cards and service for any unlocked phone. - Jan 2014

It is easy to get one when you arrive. - Jun 2013

The embassy provides Blackberries to all employees, ENTEL for spouses. - Jul 2012

Local company ENTEL or Embassy will provide a phone to employees. - Feb 2012

The embassy provides most employees. Cheap prepaid options exist for family members. - May 2011

Bring your unlocked cell phone. - May 2011

We have cell phones here, you can purchase a monthly plan, or just buy the minutes for your phone. Simple phones are better, i-phones tend to get stolen. - Mar 2011

Use calling cards. - Aug 2010

It's good to have one, and they aren't expensive. - Aug 2009

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