Abu Dhabi - Post Report Question and Answers

What do you wish you had known about this particular city/country before moving there?

Get a VPN flashed router before arriving and bring OTC meds (cold and allergy). - Feb 2020

Emirates are very forward thinking, very modern, very open and tolerant. Having lived in their neighboring country Saudi Arabia, I didn’t expect things to be so easy and nice and modern here. Making friends can take a little longer here, too, because the embassy is so big and housing is so spread that it’s more difficult to figure out who's here. Once you reach out, it’s easy to make good friends here. - Jun 2019

The amazing architecture. It is just wow! - Sep 2017

I moved here from Bahrain so I thought I knew what I was getting into. The UAE is even more materialistic and has less indigenous culture than Bahrain. I wish I had known how very expensive it is and what a marked entitlement culture exists. There are two classes catered to: the rich expat who seems to expect a wide array of luxury hotels, apartments, shopping, and cars, or the very poor expat (usually Pakistani/Indian) who are crowded into tiny apartments (soon to be crowded out by luxury developments) and have very limited disposable income. The inequalities are pronounced and after living here for a while, I'm uncomfortable with the effect it's had on me and my family. Maybe a heavier answer than desired, but be mindful while enjoying your Filipina nanny, Bangladeshi car wash boy, and Indian gardener. - Jun 2015

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