Abu Dhabi - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

There are lots of choices for schools. - Feb 2020

There are a few good international schools here. Most embassy seem to go to the American Community School or GEMS. There is also the Raha international school, Repton School, Cranleigh, Al Muna Academy, the British School - Al Khubairat, which all have a great reputation. It is extremely important to apply for schools as soon as you get your assignment. Applications start very early here (November, I think) and are very thorough. Seats at these schools fill up quickly. Schools will even organize "play dates" for the younger kids to see if your child will fit in. There is also a German school and a French school. - Jun 2019

Lots of great options with American, international, British, Indian and other curriculum. All are pricey. - Sep 2017

Schools in Abu Dhabi are extremely competitive. There are not enough school slots to go around and the prices reflect that. Some expat families have even been obliged to homeschool because of unconventional arrival times and the lack of schooling opportunities. Most embassy families go to the American Community school (ACS) both because it's a good school and because it's mostly guaranteed for embassy families. Applications for limited spaces in private schools (the only options for expats) are accepted early in the year, often before assignments are finalized. Hopefully they will be able to resolve the school problem soon. - Jun 2015

We don't have kids, but I hear good things about the American Community School and the GEMS schools. - May 2013

I inspected many of them for ADEC and standards do vary considerably so i would advise prospective parents to look beyond the marketing brochure ask about these inspection reports. - Jul 2012

The embassy-supported American Community School has a good reputation, but there are a number of international-quality choices. - Aug 2011

International schools are all good. British- and American-curriculum schools are all very good. - Jul 2011

Most American Embassy kids go to the American Community School which has both an elementary school and a high school. Standards at the ACS are not what they once were and the GEMS academies (for elementary school) are giving ACS a run for its money. Choueifat is another option for high school, but I don't know how good it is. There are also non-English schools (German, French... and of course, Arabic). - Nov 2010

I haven't heard any negativity regarding any of the international schools. My daughter goes to an American International school and the majority of the teachers are Canadian. - Jan 2010

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