Abu Dhabi - Post Report Question and Answers

Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

Basic package starts at 250 mps with TV and phone for a bit over $100. However, VIOPs are blocked as are most VPNs... and VPN websites. There are some that work and some that are very slow. A DNS proxy is effective streaming Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and Sling. - Feb 2020

Yes, high-speed home internet is available. I think we pay around $100 per month for a basic plan. You have to be there in person to buy your plan, so your social sponsor can’t set it up for you, but you can pay an extra fee to have it set up within a day or two. SIM cards are readily available. Most popular providers are Etisalat, Du and Virgin. ? - Jun 2019

Yes, it has some limitations for access but that isn't a big issue. Installation can be quick and the cost starts at about $100 per month with phone and cable included. - Sep 2017

Definitely. Bring your Apple TV!!! If you want Netflix or similar you'll have to use a VPN (blocked here) cost is comparable to DC. - Jun 2015

Through the state provider only. Speed can be an issue. Costs vary depending on the package you chose, but can be reasonable. Around $40 a month, I think. - May 2013

Yes, through Etisalat. Depends on the speed/download that you want but I had change from 200dhs a month for landline and internet. - Jul 2012

Yes, although speed is often less than advertised. The provider, Etisalat, has spotty service. I believe our monthly bill is on the order of $40. - Aug 2011

Yes and reasonable cost. - Jul 2011

Yes, but the speeds are not impressive for the amount of money you pay. My Etisalat service is about US$90/mo but it constantly crashes or is really slow. Faster packages are now on offer, but I have not seen any improvement. - Nov 2010

We've recently been installed with fibre-optic. We pay approximately 250dhs per month. - Jan 2010

Yes, about 65 dollars a month for unlimited usage. It is difficult to get service from the provider, but it is good when it works. - Aug 2009

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