Abu Dhabi - Post Report Question and Answers

What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

We ship in dryer sheets, paper towels, dog food and some cosmetics, but these are really for preference and price. We shipped out three Costco-sized paper towel packages and it didn't last nine months. - Feb 2020

Mostly things that are related to baking like bread flour, specialty whole grain flours and extracts (vanilla, orange, hazelnuts, etc). They have extracts here, but they taste different and seem to be of low quality. I’ve had difficulties ordering these items online. Anything else, you can order online. Chocolate chips or normal baking chocolate are quite pricey. I would bring them to post. Same with nice candles. They can melt during transport, so it’s best to put them in your suitcases. - Jun 2019

You can get everything here. - Sep 2017

Vanilla extract, clothes and shoes (expensive here), sporting goods (expensive and poor quality). - Jun 2015

Cleaning supplies, cotton underwear, vanilla essence (you can't get the real thing because of the alcohol base). - May 2013

Taylors Yorkshire Tea (the Liptons varieties available locally were very weak); books and CDs are more expensive than at home; more RoC sunscreen in larger quantities. - Jul 2012

Not much - high-quality pet supplies are limited, so those, perhaps; anything that you have strong brand loyalty to, because even if you can find it sometimes, you might not another. - Aug 2011

Any special medications although they have most. - Jul 2011

Vanilla extract. The vanilla sold in stores here does not contain alcohol and doesn't do your baking any good. Special baking products, good quality scented candles, craft supplies, books are also things I'd ship. If you have certain toiletry brands that you like, bring them too. Although virtually all are available here, sometimes they are unnecessarily expensive. Clinique is really expensive here; have yet to figure out why. Yet Mac is comparable to the rest of the world. If you are particular about your sheets and towels, bring those with you as well. - Nov 2010

You can pretty much get everything here. On summer visits back to Canada I always bring Kraft peanut butter, chapsticks, face wash and some choice toys for the children. - Jan 2010

Deodorant from the states is better quality than the same brand bought here. Same goes for shampoo. If you are particular about q-tips or toilet paper, you might want to ship those items. Cereal is expensive, and those with children ship it. - Aug 2009

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