Abu Dhabi - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the relative size of the expatriate community? How would you describe overall morale among expatriates?

Lots of expats live here. I think UAE is 85% expat. - Feb 2020

Huge expat community (87% of this country). You can find friends from all over the world. Morale seems to be pretty good from what I can tell. The UAE feels like a very westernized country. - Jun 2019

Huge! This is a country of expatriates. - Sep 2017

Huge and varied. Like anywhere, it is what you make it. - Jun 2015

Vast - like 90% of the population. But most are short-term workers. There are many fewer management/professional expats, but still it's a large and diverse community. - May 2013

Huge. Emiratis are less than 20% of the population and you have to go to El Ain to see a city in which they are the majority. - Jul 2012

Large - technically, about 90% of the population. Western expats are a much smaller percentage, with Americans a small percentage of those. - Aug 2011

UAE is about 15% native Emiratis. 85% of the population are guest workers, with Indians being the largest expat community, followed by Pakistanis, and then maybe Filipinos. There are roughly 400,000 westerners, many in Dubai, led by Brits and then Americans and Australians, some French. - Jul 2011

Huge. Expats make up 80% of the population. In reality, most are low income laborers and domestic workers. The actual Emirati population is tiny. - Nov 2010

Very large. Everyone is from away. Locals make up of about 20% of the population. - Jan 2010

HUGE! Lots of Brits, Americans, and more. - Aug 2009

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