Abu Dhabi - Post Report Question and Answers

How much of the local language do you need for daily living? Are local language classes/tutors available and affordable?

None as the language of business is English. I've not even spoken to an Emirate directly. There are places to learn, but can be pricey. - Feb 2020

The UAE consists of 87% expats from around the world, you absolutely need no Arabic here. Everybody speaks English here and everything is also written in English, but of course, it can never hurt to learn the basics. ? - Jun 2019

None, everything is in English. - Sep 2017

None. English seems to be the lingua Franca since so much of the population comes from abroad. I was actually hoping to improve my Arabic, but I couldn't find many to practice with. - Jun 2015

Emiratis are a small minority (15% maybe?), and it's actually hard to practice Arabic here. English is as close to a shared language as there is (more people probably speak Urdu than anything else). That said, Arabic-speakers really like it if you try even a few words. - May 2013

A little Arabic goes a long way and is much appreciated. English is widely understood and spoken. - Jul 2012

None. Arabic is great to have, but English is almost universal. It would almost be more useful to have Tagalog or Urdu. - Aug 2011

You're generally fine with English although some basic Arabic is useful. Urdu is useful with cabbies and maintenance workers. - Jul 2011

Little. Being able to exchange pleasantries in Arabic is always appreciated. Knowing Urdu would be much more helpful. Most business and government workers speak English. - Nov 2010

English is spoken everywhere here. - Jan 2010

Very little, most speak English. - Aug 2009

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