What have been the highlights of your time in this country? Best trips or experiences?

We've loved living here. It's amazing to just walk the streets and explore. I love finding little hidden streets in Palermo Soho or in Recoleta. I've also loved watching my girls become friends with Argentine kids in their school. The parents and families have been so welcoming to us, as well. We've made some really good friends through our girls' school. We've also traveled quite a bit, and I'd recommend getting out of the city to see all of the beauty of this country. We went to an estancia in Junin; we went to the Salentein bodega in Mendoza; we went to the estancia El Bordo Las Lanzas in Salta, which was amazing; and I'm about to head to Bariloche in a week. All of these experiences were beautiful and stunning. Salta was one of my all-time favorite places to explore. - Jul 2019

Weekend trips to the ranches just outside of town. Trips around the country. It is beautifully diverse. - Jun 2015

Trips to Iguazu, Uruguay (Punta del Este is a must in January). I like the simpler things too. Spending a few hours at a nice cafe and reading a book or meeting with a friend is a completely normal thing to do here. The parrillas (steakhouses) are awesome - I've had the best steak of my life here. Lots of great bars and nightclubs. - Jan 2015

Getting out of the city and traveling within the country. - Aug 2014

Love Spanish and the steak is great. - Aug 2011

My favorite moments have been when I left the city. Day trips to Tigre, weekends to the beaches. - May 2011

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