What is the typical dress code at work and in public places? Is formal dress ever required?

Most diplomats at the local embassies wear suits and professional work attire. Formal dress would only ever be required for formal receptions. - Jul 2019

Casual, similar to the U.S. - Jun 2015

People's everyday clothes tend to be nicer than in America. Business attire is professional in some jobs, and quite casual in others. - Jan 2015

Less casual than in the US. - Aug 2011

business - May 2011

Stylishly casual. They love their jeans here but they are worn with great shoes & a cute shirt (men and women). You don't see many women out in dresses at night. Business varies from business casual to suits but again, people always look sharp even when they are casually dressed (aka - NO sweatpants, torn jeans, sneakers, stained tshirts, etc). - Jul 2008

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