How much of the local language do you need for daily living? Are local language classes/tutors available and affordable?

You need to know Spanish to get around here easily. I'm sure some people are find moving around the city without knowing a lot of Spanish, and it can be done, but knowing the language helps so much more. There are plenty of local language classes and tutors available. - Jul 2019

Some. Many Argetines speak some level of English. One thing is that Argentine Spanish is much different. So even if you know Spanish it will take some adjusting. - Jun 2015

I speak fluent Spanish and do use it all the time. You probably need to know some basics but I think people speak more English here than most Latin American cities. Most of the young people speak English quite well. Keep in mind the Spanish here is very different than any other dialect of Spanish. - Jan 2015

Most Argentines speak English, but will not speak it with you; you need Spanish to conduct daily life activities. - Aug 2014

It definitely helps to know Spanish, but basic level proficiency is easily acquired. - Aug 2011

Spanish is needed. Don't count on anyone speaking English to you. Even if the locals know English, they get annoyed with foreigners who don't speak the local language. - May 2011

In Buenos Aires, most people speak some degree of English. If you are out in the provinces, that percentage drops precipitously. Obviously you will want to have some rudimentary Spanish to get around. - Jul 2008

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