Are local buses, trams, trains or taxis safe and affordable?

VERY. Buses and taxis and subways are safe and affordable. Taxis are super cheap and are used a lot. There is no UBER service here; it is illegal. Cabs are readily available and are also linked to an Uber-like system called Cabify. - Jul 2019

Yes trains and buses are very affordable and taxis are pretty cheap as well. - Jun 2015

The subte (subway) is definitely the quickest and best way to get around the city; do try and live close to a station. However, it's hard to get north to south by subway since there's only one line that completely goes from north to south and it's closer to downtown. The buses are reliable and cheap but avoid taking them during rush hour. Taxis are plentiful and safe, and very cheap for taxi standards. I've had no problem with safety in all of these forms of transportation. - Jan 2015

Taxis are safe and affordable and plentiful as long as it's not raining, - Aug 2014

Can't say in general they're all safe. One has to be really careful. Buses and trains are very cheap, taxis are expensive. In the city one has to be very careful where to go and petty theft is common. - Aug 2011

All available, all inexpensive. The trains and subways can get crowded and stinky, but for 40 cents, you can't beat it! - May 2011

Yes - trains, subways, buses and taxis are affordable and safe. If taking the train, bus, subway - watch your wallet & try not to advertise that you are an expat. Taxis are fine as well - if you have any concerns, you can take a remise. - Jul 2008

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