Are there problems with ethnic, race/racial minorities or religious prejudices? Gender equality?

Not that I have experienced. - Jul 2019

I get some stares because I'm tall and blonde / clearly look American. If you're black you may receive some unwanted attention because there are not too many who live here. But I've never really seen any clear issues of racism. - Jan 2015

Yes.. Despite the size of the city and country there is a lack of diversity. Thus, as a person of color you will stand out and draw attention wherever you go. People actually reach out and rub my child's head as a norm here. At first I thought they were being friendly and affectionate, but on more than one occasion I have caught people actually feeling the texture of my child's hair and that is creepy and not okay. There is a large Asian population here, but still relatively small in the grand scheme of the population. - Aug 2014

Not that I know of. That said, it is a Latin American Catholic society. - Aug 2011

Some. - May 2011

Buenos Aires is VERY white and very non-diverse. Also be aware that Argentines are *not* PC. - Jul 2008

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