What do you wish you had known about this particular city/country before moving there?

We came in eyes open, with no surprises, though I would have liked to have foreseen how rapidly the air quality was going to deteriorate. - Dec 2019

This was our first post in Asia; SE Asia is very different from other parts of the world. There is definitely culture shock. The traffic here is the craziest I have witnessed; the motorbikes outnumber people and cars and swarm everywhere. Crossing the street as a pedestrian is challenging. Enjoy the people, the food and the culture. - Jul 2019

How useful a car would have been for day and weekend trips. That the winter pollution is bad. I wish I read up more on Vietnamese history and watched more documentaries on the topic. - Dec 2017

I wish post would have been upfront about the air quality. We wouldn't have come here. - May 2016

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