Hanoi - Post Report Question and Answers

What are the particular advantages of living in this city?

As opposed to Ho Chi Minh City, you have seasons here and the city still maintains a certain character and rustic charm (though that is disappearing quickly as they develop "New Hanoi" megaprojects, so come while you can). During non-COVID times it has a relatively good airport which is a good hub to travel throughout South-East Asia. - Aug 2021

It's dynamic with lots happening, good restaurants, and close to many parts of Asia. It's also very easy and safe. - Dec 2019

Fairly cheap and full of history. - Jul 2019

Affordable household help. Most people have at least a cook/cleaner, some have 2 nannies and a driver. Reasonably priced dining options (Vietnamese, Indian, Western, local). Close to lots of regional travel. - Apr 2018

See above - food, culture, history, travel, friendly people. Hanoi is in that perfect middle ground where it's still developing (and is thus inexpensive) but is developed enough so you can find just about anything you need to find here. - Dec 2017

Hanoi is a difficult place to live. We have served at 4 previous 30% hardship posts, and Hanoi seems so much harder than those - even without the crime element. We have enjoyed the food. But there are roughly 4 main dishes that you will be served repeatedly. With both spouses working, it's possible to save money. Some enjoy having clothes custom tailored, but by the time you choose fabric et al, the final price is similiar to what you would pay stateside for a better product. Household help is affordable and generally honest. But you'll use them more for home repairs and running to 6 stores to find dinner items. - May 2016

Fascinating country, driven people, great places to visit. Not a typical SE Asia capital. Not hyper globalized (yet), not paved over with concrete (yet), lots of small businesses everywhere and the commerce is on the street. - Mar 2015

Cheap living, cheap international and domestic flights. Domestic help cheap and available.Compared to HCMC, Hanoi has far more cultural and historical sites to visit. The old quarter is great to walk around at any time of day. Riding a motorbike at night through the city brings a whole new perspective on the city. - Aug 2014

It is a good point of departure to travel through South-East Asia. And if you avoid traveling extensively, you can save a lot of money. But then you'll miss a lot of things. - Dec 2011

Good travel in the country and regionally. Food is good and the culture is interesting. Hanoi is buzzing and vibrant. - Aug 2011

This is a nice quiet, city with low violent crime. There are some purse-snatchings and other petty crimes, but it is much safer than any major U.S. city. Also, it's relatively easy to travel the region from here. - May 2010

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