Hanoi - Post Report Question and Answers

What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

Cleaning supplies, and some things like kitchen towels and toilet paper are subjectively higher quality in the USA. It's not the end of the world though, and if you search you can locate higher quality, it just might cost more. - Aug 2021

On trips home, we usually bring back comfort snacks, maple syrup, quality olive oil, hot sauces, wine, and Thanksgiving fixins (pumpkin pie mix, stuffing, etc.). Most non-food items are available on the local economy, though maybe not the quality that you might want. - Dec 2019

I didn't need anything thanks to it being a consumables post and the western markets. I shipped preferred cleaning supplies, toiletries, wines, liquor, and cooking products in my consumables shipment. - Jul 2019

This is a consumable post. Ship brands if you are particular. If you’re particular about quality, or content (added fats, sugars, chemicals), ship it. Cereal is either muesli or Fruit Loops. I’m happy I shipped raw honey, maple syrup, plain Cheerios, quality select-a-size paper towels, and laundry detergent. Water is also very hard. I use a hard water treatment (Charlie’s Hard Water Booster) in the laundry. It’s helped tremendously with preventing clothes from becoming “crusty." - Apr 2018

We shipped a lot of Costco and warehouse store items, including wines (much cheaper in the U.S.), toilet paper, heavy-duty paper towels, baking/kitchen supplies, and pet food. You can get a lot of items via DPO/pouch. We probably didn't need to ship all the toilet paper and paper towels, but what you can find on the local market is of slightly lesser quality. - Dec 2017

We would ship fewer consumables. Everything is available here or through Amazon Prime. Do bring a lot of Nyquil and cough/cold medicine, as well as feminine products. Also, medicine sold in stores is often fake, so bring the real deal with you. - May 2016

Salsa, tortilla chips, baking spices, chocolate chips, all-purpose and whole wheat flour for baking. These can be found locally, but they're EXPENSIVE. However, of these (with the exception of salsa) can be ordered on Amazon. - Aug 2015

Not really in the world of Amazon. - Mar 2015

Consumables is the main thing. - Aug 2014

Any brand that you cannot go without: imported products are expensive and you might not find the one you like. Also, good olive oil, non-sweetened muesli, shoes and clothes in your size (unless you are petite), facial care products (here they all contain whitener), soft laundry soap and dishwasher soap, unscented Clorox, baking goods (like your favorite whole wheat flour or yeast). - Dec 2011

Wax paper, mexican food items especially beans, large containers of peanut butter, good wine, chocolate chips, preferred cereal brands. - Aug 2011

Canned goods, spices, dried goods, paper towels, napkins, soft toilet paper, etc. - May 2010

Toiletries, especially makeup and deodorant. Ethnic groceries (Mexican, spices, etc.). Books. - Feb 2009

We used our full 3,000 lbs of consumeables so we have had everything we have needed. I would do a consumeables shipment again and include more mosquito repellant. - Sep 2008

Use your consumables prior to arrival to help you get settled without having to bust your butt on the local market while your still trying to get over the jet lag. - May 2008

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