Hanoi - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Hanoi does have seasons and it does get cold in winter. Cold enough to require a jacket. Summer is hot and can be muggy, similar to Florida in the midst of summer. Honestly we thought it would be more humid and hot, so have been pleasantly surprised. Though if you are exerting yourself outdoors during summer, you will be dripping wet in no time. - Aug 2021

Hanoi has six weeks of nice weather (mid/high 20s C daytime, an occasional sunny sky) separated into two blocks: one in late Nov/early Dec and the other around Easter. Between then (Dec-Mar), it is cold (10-15C, but you feel it without central heating), damp, and humid, and you will not see the sun then, just a grey fog (that is now more a blue-grey fog due to the soot and heavy metals in the air). April and May are hot (35C) but dry, while June-Sept is muggy and rainy, not unlike the Washington DC area at that time of year, but with more rain and flooding. You do not come to Hanoi for the weather. Hanoi is very humid year-round - using dehumidifiers or running your A/C constantly is a necessity no matter what it does to your power bills unless you want your apartment/clothes/stuff to resemble a Petri dish. - Dec 2019

HUMID year round, HOT during the summer, and damp and cooler in winter. - Jul 2019

Hot and humid summers and warm spring and fall. Cool and pleasant winters. It can get “cold” in winter, if you consider 60F cold (the marshmallow jackets come out in force). I find it a great time to wear jeans and light sweaters. - Apr 2018

Vietnam has seasons -- a hot, humid summer (90s-100s), short but pleasant spring and fall (70s-80s), and a cool winter (50s-60s). Rain is scattered throughout the year. Overall the climate is similar to southern Georgia or Lousiana. - Dec 2017

There are seasons. I didn't believe this when we landed in sweltering August, but come December you can wear winter jackets through March. The houses are not insulated and most are cement. It gets cold. (No need to bring jackets, NorthFace is made here and cheap). There is a mild, short spring and the temperatures spike around May. - May 2016

Humid all year round. Hot to VERY hot in spring, summer, and autumn. Winter can be chilly (50 F, but it feels colder b/c of the humidity and all the buildings are concrete) - Aug 2015

Warm humid summer, cold (50s F) very humid winters. Can miss the sun for weeks at a time in the winter. - Mar 2015

From April to October it's hot and humid to grossly hot and humid. Winters are pleasantly cool though it can go weeks and possibly months without any sunshine. Weather is not one of Hanoi's attributes. - Aug 2014

Winter is cold and dry, summer very hot and humid with a small chance of typhoon. Floods happen regularly in some areas, but we haven’t seen any. - Dec 2011

Springs are generally wet with thunderstorms in the afternoon. Summer is hot and humid. Fall is the best time of year. Winter can get as cold as the 40's. - Aug 2011

Winters are nice. Summers are extremely hot and very humid. Pretty much unbearable. Fall and spring are ok. - May 2010

For 6 months it is very, very hot and humid. The other 6 months are fine: cool winter and pleasant spring, fall. - Dec 2009

Seasonal. Always humid. The winter is mild, the autumn and spring are pleasant, the summer is brutally hot and humid. - Feb 2009

Hanoi has four seasons which is often a surprise for new comers who assume it is tropical. Fall from Nov-Dec is best. Winter is easily tolerable but can get wet and cool down to around 10 C in the early morning from Jan-Mar .So bring a jacket. Spring from April to May is short and generally wet. Summer begins in June but the months of July and August are the hottest (28-32 C) and the most humid. More humid and uncomfortable than in Ho Chi Minh City. The humidity drops and weather cools a bit to 24-26 C by September but it is still warm until Nov. - Sep 2008

Summers are very hot and humid. Winters are pretty mild. short rainy seasons both in the spring and late summer/early fall. - May 2008

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