Is this a "shopping post"? Are there interesting handicrafts, artwork, antiques, or other items that people typically buy there?

It's definitely a shopping post: pottery, lacquer, tailored clothing, baskets, - Jul 2019

I didn’t think I would want to buy much, but my list keeps growing. There’s the cheap tourist souvenirs that make good gifts for children back home (I doubt much of it is real, and have a feeling it's made in China). Lacquer boxes and furniture (even in more modern styles), pottery (dishes/ tea sets), and oil paintings (even custom). Nothing is as good a deal as you think it should be, but there a variety of things to add to your collections. - Apr 2018

You can buy inexpensive gifts from Craft Link, an NGO with several locations who profits are invested back into minority communities. Many people get custom-made furniture (but be careful because the beautiful furniture can crack when brought into drier climes). Tailors are cheap and plentiful so get lots of custom-fitted suits and dresses -- I regret not buying more suits! If you don't mind haggling you can find all sorts of interesting knick-knacks in the markets. - Dec 2017

Baskets are gorgeous, tribal fabrics from Sapa, pottery.... - May 2016

Travel, fancy restaurants, private school tuition - Aug 2015

Paintings and lacquer stuff - Aug 2014

Artwork, hand-made clothes, silk, lacquer, gems, pearls. - Dec 2011

Lacquer, silk, furniture - Aug 2011

Silk, furniture, and pottery. - May 2010

Furniture. Art. Vintage motorcycles. - Feb 2009

Lacquerware, art work (paintings) by renowned local artists, embroidary, silk, furniture, Asian style household decorations, porcelain, ceremics, and pottery. Tailor-made clothes. - Sep 2008

Personally, not much. You can have clothes hand made fairly cheap. Show a craftsman a picture and they can make it, clothing, furniture....... - May 2008

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