Hanoi - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for single people? For couples? For families? Why or why not?

It works pretty well for all parties. If you're an outgoing single you'll do fine, if you're a couple you might be a bit bored depending on what phase you are in your life, young couples don't seem to have much problem. Families tend to do fine and they do what families do, which is mostly cart their children about to various activities. - Aug 2021

Good for all, though the deteriorating air quality does not let me recommend it for any families with small children. It is a very safe, easy place to live. - Dec 2019

All. - Jul 2019

Yes for all of the above. There's plenty of social opportunities for singles -- perhaps especially for men. For couples and families there's lots of places to visit near Hanoi and also in the region. Bangkok, Angkor Wat, Hong Kong, Singapore, Laos, and Vietnam's beautiful domestic sights are all less than an inexpensive three hour flight away. - Dec 2017

Those happiest seem to be families/singles/couples living in apartments - all seem to have a fantastic, supportive community with a lot of fun activities. Those families/singles/couples living in the Tay Ho single family homes spend most of their time trouble shooting their latest housing crisis. There's a marked difference. Please think carefully before bringing children here - the air quality is almost like Beijing. - May 2016

Good for all, though single expat women have mentioned it gets old fast. - Mar 2015

Good for all. Endless street food options for those willing to pull up a plastic seat on the curb. Nicer restaurants are available too and not as overrun with expats as many other SE Asian cities. - Aug 2014

This city is good for everybody; families with kids will miss playgrounds, but UNIS offers some kids’ activities. Foreign men will have plenty of opportunity to date, unlike foreign women. - Dec 2011

Hanoi is good for families due to the good school and low crime butit lacks parks and other places to enjoy family time during the weekend. I think singles find it just ok --- most bars and restaurants close around 11pm. Men would certainly find Hanoi more appealing than women! - Aug 2011

It's ok for singles, but nightlife is limited. It is very easy to find a girlfriend, though, but I'm pretty sure they are all looking for green cards. I hear it's better for families. - May 2010

Singles tend to like it. There's a good nightlife among expats. Single guys can date always-willing Vietnamese women. Families like it for the excellent school, cheap household help and low crime. - Dec 2009

Excellent for all. - Feb 2009

Decent for families but there is a lack of activities for children and teenagers complain of few options for entertainment. There are limited parks, playgrounds, or amusement centers for small children and playing outside a house or compound dangerous due to traffic. Singles have also expressed disappointment claiming Hanoi is equivalent to a small town atmosphere with limited social activities for them. Couples find more activities to fill their time such as going to restuarants, playing tennis or golf, shopping, etc. - Sep 2008

More for singles or couples. We personally do not think Hanoi is a very child friendly city. The people love children and are extremely accommodating towards children, there just is not much for children to do, especially teenagers. UNIS offers some good after-school activities but unless you are comfortable allowing your 13 to 16 year old children to run around the city with their friends unsupervised, there is little for them to do. There are a couple of good movie theaters which show movies in English and one bowling alley. Otherwise, Hanoi is a good jumping off point for regional travel opportunities, though it is not cheap. - May 2008

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