Mumbai - Post Report Question and Answers

What do you wish you had known about this particular city/country before moving there?

1. That not as many people speak English, as I had expected. 2. It's the loudest city I've ever been to. 3. You will have a front row view of the world's "haves and have-nots." 4. I was surprised to find that Indians are quite patriotic and are sensitive to criticism about their country. 5. Regional pride is very strong in India. Everyone loves their region the best and hates Delhi (exaggerating, but not too much). - Jul 2023

As amazing as Mumbai is, I wish I had known how dysfunctional seemingly professional companies can be. I think this is often due to the ability to hire cheap labor, which means they don’t put much effort into retaining good employees. The experience in shop may be amazing one time, but the next time have such terrible service that you will never want to go back. Vendors/companies also like to promise more than they are able to deliver. It can be several weeks or months before they finally make good on a contract, or finally say they can’t do it. For example, a friend purchased a balloon bouquet for my birthday. Due to monsoon season (supposedly), the initial delivery was delayed. My friend had to keep calling to ask when it would be delivered. I wish I was exaggerating when I say that it took eight months for my birthday bouquet to be delivered. - May 2023

I was not aware of the air quality issue. I had come with great ideas of hanging out on the balcony. So purchasing plants, creating a reading/sitting area by a window has been important to bridge the loss of outdoor living. It is also very easy to get out and hike for a day. - Feb 2023

Nothing would have helped. - Aug 2021

The hiking spots are all outside of Mumbai. The ocean is extremely dirty. And people will stare at you if you jog shirtless. - Nov 2020

I wish I would have been better informed about how to keep myself safe as a women. This is a very real threat for women. I was assaulted within the first few months of arrival and feel it could have been prevented had I been better informed. Talking to local Indian women about their safety practices is a great way to educate oneself. How we interact with a male in the US is not the same as in India. Showing small kindnesses like saying hello and smiling can cause unwanted attention. Light skin is seen as exotic and will attract attention, as well as having blonde and red hair. - Aug 2019

The lack of outdoor parks, and the difficulty of getting around, wear on people. However, the country of India has so much to offer, as long as you leave Mumbai from time to time. - Mar 2019

Mumbai is very expensive. - Jan 2019

That living in Mumbai is an intense experience, the constant noise, dirt, heat, traffic, and pollution really gets to you after a while. - May 2018

You need to leave every couple months to stay sane. - Jun 2017

Read up on South Asia. - Aug 2015

That it's not as intimidating as it seems from a distance. We were nervous, and thought it was going to be completely overwhelming but we've adapted and really like it here now. - Nov 2014

I wish I knew it was so bad for singles. I would not have ended up here. - Mar 2014

The incredible diversity is mind boggling. - Feb 2014

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