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Are preschools available? Day care? Are these expensive? What has been your experience with them, if any? Do the schools provide before- and/or after-school care?

There is at least one Montessori school that is used by expat families. ASB also has a preschool, but that is very expensive. I do not know the price of Montessori. No before or after care that I am aware of. - May 2023

Lots of preschool options that vary in price and quality. Haven’t heard too many complaints. Most families have a nanny that take care of kids after school. I don’t think daycare exists here. - Aug 2019

There is a decent Montessori school (TMSI) which is good for kids 1-3 or 4, at a cost that is low by US standards. ASB also offers preschool for 3+4 years olds. It is fantastic but not cheap ($15K/yr). - Mar 2019

Preschool is offered at the American School of Bombay but it's extremely expensive (crazily so --around US$25,000 per year, and yes that's the right number of zeros). The German school is cheaper, but still costs a lot, several thousand dollars. (My agency does not pay for preschool, only kindergarten onward.) There are also local options. Most people with babies and really small kids have nannies/housekeepers (or both). - Nov 2014

Too many to list. - Feb 2014

It's hard to find a decent preschool that is more than just supervised play. Most "preschools" are actually daycare centers that offer little or any instruction. I highly recommend Harmony Montessori, but demand has far outstripped availability of slots there. - Feb 2013

Preschool is very expensive. But nannies are available at a very reasonable salary. - Dec 2010

Hire a Nanny. They are cheap. - Nov 2008

Don't know. Private help available at low cost, but sometimes quality of help is not great. - Aug 2008

ASB offers preschool at high prices, which typically are not covered by an expat package, but local preschools are prevalent and we have freinds that are very pleased with schools in Bandra. - Jul 2008


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