Mumbai - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there personal security concerns to be aware of at this post? Please describe.

I always felt very safe. The driving is the most dangerous part. - Jul 2023

This is India. Although for the most part, women can go anywhere at any time of night, this tends to just be the rule for the wealthier parts of the city. It is also important to be aware of the direction a taxi/Uber is taking. I have had an Uber drive keep making wrong turns (getting farther and farther from my destination) at night until I asked, "Where are you going?" Then all of a sudden he knew how to follow the directions on the app. - May 2023

Like anywhere in a big city, women need to just be aware where you are going and with whom. The news carries more stories of rape or attacks in the North than here, but I don't know if that is a police fact or media choice. I feel fine walking around, getting transport. I do not let my teenagers go alone, but allow them with a group of friends in uber to a place nearby. - Feb 2023

Women should be careful when going out late at night alone. - Aug 2021

For men, almost none. For women, be ready for locals to ask you for photos. - Nov 2020

Although Mumbai is the most progressive and modern city in India, sexual assault against women is very common. Assaults typically happen in crowded places like markets or festivals – someone will touch you inappropriately and then disappear into the crowd. More aggressive types of assault happen too. The police are very responsive though and will take action against the perpetrators (if they can be identified). - Aug 2019

As a man, I feel safe walking around anywhere in Mumbai, at any time of day. Because of the density of people, Mumbai feels much safer to me than Delhi, and crime statistics are consistent with this. Incidence of theft, pick-pocketing, and break-ins are very rare. The worst thing I experience is an occasional taxi driver who claims to have a broken meter. India definitely seems less safe for women. I've heard of a number of incidents within the community of groping, exposure, harassment, etc., in the community, including some violent attacks. Some women have been crudely harassed by taxi drivers (including Uber). While things are changing, India has very old-fashioned gender roles. Walking around the streets downtown during the day, you can sometimes see 100 men for every woman on the street. It is common that Indian women stay at home. In universities the gender balance is much closer to 50-50, but change takes a long time -- this is a huge and slow-moving country. - Mar 2019

Women need to be careful, specially foreign women. - Jan 2019

Mostly for women when on their own, especially at night, cabs, uber, etc. - May 2018

Mumbai is generally very safe, and petty crime seems to be very low as long as you use basic precautions. I felt safer than I did in Washington, DC. - Jun 2017

Threat of terrorism due to Pakistan and communal issues, but street crime is not an issue. Much safer than any major U.S. city. - Aug 2015

Pickpockets, gropers of women, political rallies and demonstrations are the most common. There have also been some high-profile (and brutal) rapes. - Nov 2014

Every now and again Mumbai has terrorist attacks but generally on a day-to-day basis everyone feels safe and secure. Petty crime is REALLY low compared to any big city in the world. Crimes against women still happen but most women feel pretty safe in Mumbai because there are always so many people around. - Mar 2014

None. I feel safer than in downtown Chicago. - Feb 2014

Security is tight at hotels because of the terrorist attack a few years ago. I have not felt unsafe at any moment from crime since coming here. - Aug 2013

I was actually pleasantly surprised by how seldom women are harassed in Mumbai compared to North India. When I first arrived, I never felt unsafe and would walk home from restaurants and bars by myself at night. But after a young female teacher was mugged at knife-point on my street, and a Spanish woman was raped in her apartment just minutes from where I live, I decided to be more cautious. Most buildings have bars on their windows for a reason. I work near the American Consulate in a building with lots of security, so I feel safe, but Mumbai did experience a horrific terrorist attack in 2008, so we do lots of drills. I think I feel most unsafe on the roads in India. With no traffic rules and constant overtaking, you will find yourself playing chicken with oncoming trucks more often than you want to. Drivers often remove seat-belts in the rear of the car. If you have children, especially, I would make sure these are replaced. - May 2013

No. - Feb 2013

There is the threat of terrorism. However, crime is not much of a problem in Mumbai. Theft does not seem to be as common as it is in the US. - Dec 2010

Nope. - Nov 2008

Minimal for crime. Large for traffic accidents and general health. - Aug 2008

Mumbai is very safe. Adult males, no problem traveling at any time in taxi, etc. Females- after 10pm, best to travel in pairs. - Jul 2008


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