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What is the availability of international schools? What has been your general experience with them, if any?

The American School of Bombay (ASB) is one of the best international schools in the world. There are also several other reputable international schools including DSB (German) and LFIM (French). The Ambani International School is right next door to the middle/high school campus of ASB, but I do not know of any expat kids attending that school. We have loved our time with ASB, despite the first year being fully virtual for my daughter. The teachers have been great, and my daughter has really thrived, especially once they returned to in-person instruction. Although virtual school wasn’t great, it was the best virtual program I saw or heard about during COVID. They have more than made up for that lost year, however, and my daughter is now performing at or above grade in all subjects. She loves her school so much that she wants to return to ASB for high school. - May 2023

ASB junior high and high school have been fantastic. Lots of options for travel and interaction with other schools internationally. There are built in community service requirements and dedicated staff. We moved here because of the schools and are not disappointed. - Feb 2023

ASB. They're tough and expect kids to perform a much higher level than Westerners are used to. My understanding that it's not unusual for local indian students to have a separate tutor in each course. - Aug 2021

Expats living in Bandra and BKC tend to send their kids to the American School of Bombay. It is an IB school with about 800 kids in Pre-K through 12th grade. It’s well run and most people seem happy with it overall. In fact, many will extend their stays because they like the school so much. - Aug 2019

ASB (American School of Bombay) is an incredible school. It is up there with the best in the world. The teachers are fantastic and the facilities are amazing. Extracurricular activities: robotics, swimming, climbing, model UN, drama, programming, photography, and on and on... every day, including through the breaks, and on many weekends. The school has been a huge high point of our stay here and it will be hard to leave. - Mar 2019

American School of Bombay but not really and American school culturally. - Jan 2019

I hear ASB is good. - May 2018

The American school is adjancent to the consulate, and I hear they are top notch - in the world. Can't figure out why though... - Aug 2015

We have a middle-schooler in the American School of Bombay, which is located in the same business park as the U.S. Consulate and a lot of businesses. The school is very good in our experience. The teachers and staff really care and the educational level is high. There are sports and after-school activities and the school has a nice pool. They just started pairing with the CTY program at Johns Hopkins to offer some online courses for gifted kids (testing can be arranged through the school but if your child is already enrolled, they accept that & don't make them retest.) They have really nice intersession programs during the long breaks, including summer, fall, and winter breaks at no extra charge. Buses and snacks are provided. They even let my daughter come to the summer program before she had officially started at the school (we arrived in May, so she had already been home bored for a few weeks, and so we were grateful she could be included). Your child(ren) will need to have a laptop computer with specific software on it, which they use for all school work both in the classroom and at home. The specs are on the school's webpage. The school year follows the U.S. model for the most part except that the summer break is short. School lets out mid-June and is back in session mid-August, but there are several shorter breaks during the school year, so the number of days in class is still the same. This is considerably different from the Indian school year, by the way. Some people have their kids in the German school down south but I don't know a lot about it. They seem happy with it, though. And I know at least one person with a smaller child who was enrolled in a local kindergarten and loved it. - Nov 2014

No experience but there are very good ones here. - Mar 2014

There are many international schools, Podar international is among the better ones. - Feb 2014

ASB is one of the best. - Aug 2013

The American School of Bombay is phenomenal if you can afford it. - May 2013

American School of Bombay (ASB), German School (Deutsche Schule Bombay), French School, Ascend International School, and others. My child attends ASB's elementary school. Quality of instruction is high, though feedback on students' progress is not very forthcoming. Unfortunately, the elementary school moved in 2012 to a new campus in Kohinoor that has some of Mumbai's worst traffic. Visiting the school can be quite the journey! Some ConGen parents have preferred the German school for a more disciplined, results-oriented approach to education. - Feb 2013

I don't have experience with the schools but I know parents who are pleased with them. - Dec 2010

American School, with grades through high school. Supposed to be good quality. - Aug 2008

American School of Bombay-ASB (90% Expat) was recently awarded a top international award for technology. Students grades 6-12 all have laptops, and instruction is centered around technology. Outstanding academics, strong extracurricular, and excellent rapport with US and other international Universities. USD approx. 30K per year, plus 20-30K capital levy fee of which you do not get Dirhubai Ambani Int'l School (Primary Indian), and Ecomunidial (Expat and Indian) in Juhu. Prices are all similiar. - Jul 2008


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