Mumbai - Post Report Question and Answers

What have been the highlights of your time in this country? Best trips or experiences?

The people have been the highlight of Mumbai. Indians are so friendly and warm and you can find community in so many different places. There is ALWAYS something to do in Mumbai so you’ll never be bored. - Apr 2024

Travel to South India and to the mountains; hanging in Bandra; going to an Indian wedding. Goa has the best food in India, and it's not even close. - Jul 2023

The Indian festivals are so fun and lively. The music and dance really made both my daughter and I fall in love with Mumbai. We went to Jaipur for Holi, spent Navratri in Udaipur, saw the Taj Mahal, and just overall loved being apart of this diverse and amazing nation. - May 2023

It is overwhelming how many possible trips there are. So many historical sites and lots of geographic diversity. I was encouraged to use travel agents/tour companies because then you just sit and enjoy the trip. However, there is ample information to plan your own adventure, take the train, get a hotel, see sites etc. It just depends on you and your time. Food is always excellent. - Feb 2023

Goa - Aug 2021

Getting out of Mumbai and traveling the country. Best trips include Spiti Valley in Himachal Pradesh and Gangtok region in Sikkim. - Nov 2020

I have had more cultural experiences in my first year here then in entire other tours. Indians love including you in their festivals and traditions so if you have an open mind, you’ll get to experience some incredible things. Attending a traditional Indian wedding was mind-blowingly cool and will be a highlight not only of India but of my entire time overseas. We’ve also had very rich volunteer experiences that I know I’ll cherish for a long time. - Aug 2019

India is a huge country, with so much to see and explore. Deserts and palaces in Rajasthan. Wildlife and salt flats in Gujarat. Peaceful and green houseboats in Kerala. The mountain and tea plantations of Darjeeling. Safaris with tigers and rhinos in Assam. Beaches in Goa. A meteor impact crater near ancient cave paintings in Aurangabad. The festivals and seafood of Kolkata. The history and density of central Delhi. The lake city in Udaipur. Mountain retreats in the Himalaya. There are dozens and dozens of different trips to take to different regions in India, each with their own food, music, colorful rickshaws, animals, festivals, and on and on. And don't forget about the surrounding region as well. Nepal, Bhutan, Bangkok, Dubai, or Hong Kong are four to five hours away via direct flights. Mumbai is a great base from which to explore a lot of Asia. - Mar 2019

I managed to travel a lot in the region. Travel outside of India is cheaper.Within India, everything has an 18% tax, most decent hotels are about $250 per night and with the VAT is becomes quite expensive. - Jan 2019

Unfortunately the highlights are all outside of India like traveling to Sri Lanka, Bangkok, Dubai etc. - May 2018

Rajasthan, Jaipur, and Pondicherry, a French colonial city about an hour south of Chennai. Also be sure to go to Sri Lanka. It was a very pleasant surprise, and a nice break from the craziness that is India. - Jun 2017

Goa is very nice. Sights are wonderful, but you need to get out of the city every so often. The hilltop spots (resorts, etc.) are only an hour and a half away. - Aug 2015

Traveling to the Taj Mahal, which is not over-rated, no matter what you are thinking. Other trips have included Jaipur, New Delhi, and Goa. Within Mumbai, some highlights have been shopping for rugs, clothes, and jewelry, and the fact that pretty much everything can be delivered to your doorstep. There is always something to do or see, and you're always noticing something right around the corner that you've never noticed before despite going down the same street dozens of times. - Nov 2014

Eating the food is #1. The food is incredible and I am sure I will miss it when I leave. Staying at a nice hotel on the lake in Udaipur, seeing the tea plantations of Munnar, Kerala, and meeting a lot of really nice people who are very happy even though they are living in crap with a government that fails to provide basic necessities. - Mar 2014

Incredible trekking opportunities in the Himalayas. Semi-decent skiing. Terrific beaches. - Feb 2014

Travel. I wish I had spent more time in Rajasthan and Kerala and also visited Hampi but there's so much to do it's hard to fit it all in. Also the vegetarian food here is delicious in both Indian and Western restaurants. - Feb 2014

The paper store Chimanlals - the most beautiful handmade paper that you can't even get from the highest end stores in the US. - Aug 2013

My partner and I loved the Taj Mahal. Goa was relaxing, but having lived in tropical paradise for many years, we both felt that it's only worth it if you already live in India and need a cheap(ish) getaway. We went to Kerala with high hopes, but apart from Munnar, it was unremarkable. The "Bird Sanctuary" was a perfect example of India's tendency to over promise and under deliver. Not a bird or any other living creature in sight, but we did pick up 4 big bags of trash on our 1-hour walk. - May 2013

Traveling around India has been a fantastic experience. - Feb 2013

We've enjoyed traveling within India, to Rajasthan and Kerala. There's also good shopping, from road side markets to luxury stores. Mumbai also has a lot of good restaurants, including Asian and Mexican restaurants, as well as a decent bagel shop. - Dec 2010

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