Mumbai - Post Report Question and Answers

What is your home city/country? How long is the trip to post from there, with what connections? How easy/difficult is it to travel to this city/country?

United States is home. It is a long trip, but not hard. Take the rest day and layover. - Feb 2023

Home is Washington, DC. it's about 19 hours with layover in Newark. Easy for arranging flights before the Covid pandemic, but it's a bit difficult with all the Covid restrictions. - Aug 2021

I grew up in New York City and also spent some time in Washington, DC for graduate school. I flew from D.C to Mumbai, with a connection in Paris. - Nov 2020

Washington, DC. There is a direct flight from Newark, NJ to Mumbai, so it’s about 18 hours. You can also go through Paris or Amsterdam very easily, which splits the trip nicely into two parts. - Aug 2019

USA, direct flights to DC, nine hours. - Jan 2019

Long trip back to the US, over $1,000 with long connections, 15 + hours. - May 2018

Washington, DC. It's about a 16-hour direct flight from NYC or 8 hours to Europe then another 8 to Mumbai. - Jun 2017

From DC, it's about a 20-hour trip. There is a 16-hour direct flight from Newark NJ to Mumbai. The flight from DC to Newark is only about an hour, but add transit times. - Aug 2015

U.S. and it's a loooong way away. From DC, you can usually get here with one plane change but generally count on two or more stops. Figure at least 24 hours and a ton of time zones. - Nov 2014

New York -- 16 hour flight direct on United. I highly recommend Economy Plus and hardcore meds. - Mar 2014

Chicago: 20 hours with a layover in Frankfurt. - Feb 2014

Washington, DC. There's a direct flight from Newark, which is long (from memory around 11 hours) but it's nice to do the whole trip in one go. - Feb 2014

Washington. Went through Frankfurt - it took about 18 hours. - Aug 2013

I am from the United States. It's a 21+ hour journey; I've connected through Munich and Brussels. - May 2013

Washington, D.C. and the trip through Brussels takes 18 hours including layover. - Dec 2010

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