Mumbai - Post Report Question and Answers

What is your home city/country? How long is the trip to post from there, with what connections? How easy/difficult is it to travel to this city/country?

Getting to Mumbai is a long trip. Connecting flights in London, Germany, Dubai, etc. There are some direct flights to Mumbai and Delhi from NYC/DC. But, they don't seem to always run. - Jul 2023

I am originally from Bismarck, ND, USA. It is quite a long trip back to the U.S., generally around 30 hours travel time with multiple layovers, depending on where you are transiting. The benefit is that there are multiple potential routes back, many direct flights in and out of Mumbai to various overseas and domestic Indian locations. This makes travel relatively easy, though you should avoid certain airlines (for example GoFirst, never travel with GoFirst!). Immigration at the airport can take several hours for non-diplomatic passport holders, but even 30 minutes for diplomatic passport holders when no one else is in line. This seems to be due to new immigration officials. - May 2023

United States is home. It is a long trip, but not hard. Take the rest day and layover. - Feb 2023

Home is Washington, DC. it's about 19 hours with layover in Newark. Easy for arranging flights before the Covid pandemic, but it's a bit difficult with all the Covid restrictions. - Aug 2021

I grew up in New York City and also spent some time in Washington, DC for graduate school. I flew from D.C to Mumbai, with a connection in Paris. - Nov 2020

Washington, DC. There is a direct flight from Newark, NJ to Mumbai, so it’s about 18 hours. You can also go through Paris or Amsterdam very easily, which splits the trip nicely into two parts. - Aug 2019

USA, direct flights to DC, nine hours. - Jan 2019

Long trip back to the US, over $1,000 with long connections, 15 + hours. - May 2018

Washington, DC. It's about a 16-hour direct flight from NYC or 8 hours to Europe then another 8 to Mumbai. - Jun 2017

From DC, it's about a 20-hour trip. There is a 16-hour direct flight from Newark NJ to Mumbai. The flight from DC to Newark is only about an hour, but add transit times. - Aug 2015

U.S. and it's a loooong way away. From DC, you can usually get here with one plane change but generally count on two or more stops. Figure at least 24 hours and a ton of time zones. - Nov 2014

New York -- 16 hour flight direct on United. I highly recommend Economy Plus and hardcore meds. - Mar 2014

Chicago: 20 hours with a layover in Frankfurt. - Feb 2014

Washington, DC. There's a direct flight from Newark, which is long (from memory around 11 hours) but it's nice to do the whole trip in one go. - Feb 2014

Washington. Went through Frankfurt - it took about 18 hours. - Aug 2013

I am from the United States. It's a 21+ hour journey; I've connected through Munich and Brussels. - May 2013

Washington, D.C. and the trip through Brussels takes 18 hours including layover. - Dec 2010


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