Mumbai - Post Report Question and Answers

Is high-speed home Internet access available? How long does it typically take to install it after arrival?

Wifi is fast, reliable, and cheap. - Apr 2024

Yes, it doesn't take too long. - Jul 2023

Yes, it can take several weeks to install. - May 2023

Yes, my building provided it, so I had it from the start. - Feb 2023

Takes about 3-5 days depending on installer availability. I got about 200mbps. They will want you to pay 6 or 12 months in advance and in cash with no confirmation or receipt of payment. - Aug 2021

I don't have internet at home. - Nov 2020

Connectivity is pretty good here and speeds are fast. There is a lot of concrete used in building though, so it can be hard for the signal to travel throughout the whole apartment. We got Google Wifi and that solved our issue. Would recommend shipping that to post (or hand-carry it) so it’s there upon arrival. It can typically be installed within a few days or the first week. - Aug 2019

We pay US$100/month for service which is fast (8 Mbps), but unreliable. For less money, you can get extremely slow, unreliable DSL from the local MTNL phone company. - Mar 2019

Expensive; for about $70 a month you can get good speed. - Jan 2019

Costly and unreliable. - May 2018

Theoretically. It was so sporadic that I stopped even trying to use it. It had random outages, and was nearly useless. From what I understand there is a very expensive option that provides reliable service. - Jun 2017

Yes. Mine runs between 7-10Mb per SpeedTest. I pay US$30 per month. But prices vary. - Aug 2015

We have sort of medium-speed and pay around US$30/month. It's ok. - Nov 2014

Yes, lots of competition here but it is generally unreliable. When it works, it works well, but you can tell India has a serious bandwidth problem. Anywhere from US$20-60 a month depending on how fast you want and how much you download. - Mar 2014

Medium speed internet is available at low cost. - Feb 2014

It is supposed to be but it's not very reliable and we haven't been able to get the speeds that we were supposed to get. - Feb 2014

I pay 11,000 rupees for a 10mpbs "24-month 260 GB" package, but it lasts half the amount of time because I download a lot of movies and shows. And it's nowhere near that fast! - May 2013

Yes, although it's not that reliable -- there are frequent outages. Cost is less than in the U.S. - Feb 2013

We have cable broadband and it is usually pretty good. It goes out occasionally and it's not always super fast, but I find the quality better than Comcast in D.C. We tried the Tata photon, but the speed is comparable to dialup. - Dec 2010

Medium speed internet. Costs based on usage. - Nov 2008

Yes, I have quite fast DSL for about US$35/month. Takes a long time to get it installed. - Aug 2008

DSL available for decent prices- US$25 per month, but downloading is charged by the size, so if you are planning to download your shows, think again- its cheaper to buy and ship them. - Jul 2008

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