Mumbai - Post Report Question and Answers

Is this a good city for LGBT expatriates? Why or why not?

not sure. - Jul 2023

For the most part, yes. Although there are not a lot of locals who are out and LGBT, expats do not seem to have issues, despite being a conservative country. There are many organizations working on LGBT rights, and there is even a film festival dedicated to these issues (Kashish Film Festival). I’m sure that things happen that I am not aware of, as a non-LGBT person. - May 2023

There seems to be a strong community, but not completely visible. - Feb 2023

No. Most will stare at you for the slightest differences. - Aug 2021

India is still a conservative society, but Mumbai is the most progressive place to be in India. - Mar 2019

No. - Jan 2019

I don't think so, although Mumbai is supposedly more liberal, there is still a big taboo here. - May 2018

No. Indians are still conservative, and the only non-gender conforming behavior accepted is the hijras,transgender women who beg on street corners. Gay Indians sometimes feel cornered so they move into that lifestyle, often engaging in the sex trade.

While Mumbai has a small gay community, most Indians are either closeted or have been rejected by their families. There isn't a single gay bar in the entire city, just a once-a-month party that changes venues each month. In short, don't expect a dating scene here, just a few other expats. - Jun 2017

OK from what I hear. Even though it's technically illegal, they give foreigners a free pass. - Aug 2015

Homosexuality is illegal in India, and it's possible to have a problem. That said, I know several gay men, and none of them has had any serious issues that I know of. I'm pretty sure they have to be circumspect in public, though, so I'm sure they sacrifice some openness for safety/passing unnoticed. - Nov 2014

There is a gay scene but this is not Chelsea. It's very closeted but it does exist. India still does not seem very open to gay people but I don't think they really get it yet either so there isn't hardcore homophobia in Mumbai. - Mar 2014

No. India has officially banned 'unnatural contact'. - Feb 2014

It's the best in India for sure, but there are no exclusively gay bars. There are nights at bars that will have a gay night. - Aug 2013

Gay singles seem to struggle, as homosexuality was only decriminalized in 2009. Homophobia is rampant. But I don't think they struggle any more than straight singles, to be honest. I know some gay couples who live together without problems. - May 2013

I haven't heard any LGBT expats complain. Indians, on the other hand, may face discrimination. (Ironically, many Indians believe it is good luck to give money to begging transvestites and transsexuals, yet many Indian gays still feel the need to hide their orientation.) - Feb 2013

India just overturned its anti-gay laws, but the culture is still very conservative. I do know gay people who are able to date here. - Dec 2010

Okay, and better than other Indian cities, but all the negatives for singles apply here as well. - Aug 2008

Not sure. - Jul 2008


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