Mumbai - Post Report Question and Answers

What household or grocery items do you wish you had shipped to post?

Cheese, alcohol. - Jul 2023

None, though some people bring bacon, cheese, beef hotdogs, and/or deli meats with them in their suitcases. - May 2023

We have found almost everything. - Feb 2023

Febreze or any kind of air freshener, beer, and gym/workout equipment. - Aug 2021

Peanut butter and jelly, western cereal brands, pancake mix. Although you can find all of these items, but they are of inferior quality and price is much higher than in the US. - Nov 2020

Salsa and tortilla chips. - Aug 2019

Nothing. Storage is tight in Mumbai apartments, and everything is available here. - Mar 2019

Most items, other than Indian spices, seem to be expensive. - Jan 2019

Alcohol, paper products, all condiments, even mustard, ketchup, etc is pricey here. - May 2018

Imported booze. - Jun 2017

High items electronics like large screen TVs and stereos. Frozen beef. - Aug 2015

I ship stuff through Amazon all the time, but if you don't have access to that, I'd say ship peanut butter, mayonnaise, all personal hygiene things like toothpaste, shampoo, etc, that sort of thing. Definitely breakfast cereal and cleaning supplies. Stuff is available here, but even if it says it's the same brand, the formulation is different. So depending on how picky you are, you might want to send a lot or just buy what they have here. Be aware, apartments may or may not have storage space - some have 'servants' quarters' that are too small to be a room, but with some bookcases, make good pantries. Some do not. - Nov 2014

More wine. Wine is very expensive here and you can never have enough over the course of a few years. Might as well pack a few big bottles of pepto too. You will need it. Really. - Mar 2014

Sour cream. - Feb 2014

More warm clothes (movie theaters, offices, and restaurants crank up the AC). Vanilla extract, canned pumpkin, chocolate chips, pepper spray (sort of kidding?), rugs, a nice sofa, furniture. - May 2013

Olive oil (though it doesn't keep that long anyway), maple syrup, natural peanut and almond butter, hemp milk, more electronics. - Feb 2013

Nail polish, polish remover, perfume, cans of chicken broth, canned chicken (the quality of the chicken here can be poor), tortilla chips (these can run $6/bag at Nature's Basket), electronic items -- including ipods and a multiregion TV. - Dec 2010

Toiletries. Knee-high rubber boots for monsoon. - Aug 2008

COFFEE, COFFEE, and did I say COFFEE? Baking items like baking soda. - Jul 2008


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