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What kinds of gyms or other sports/workout facilities are available? Are they expensive?

For those in Bandra, most of us find a local gym (Gold’s is popular, FloFitBox for Crossfit, Ride for spin class, etc.). If yoga is your thing, you’ll find it. Personal training is cheap. Quite a few of us play soccer and cricket with other expats and Indians. - Apr 2024

There are lots of gyms, but quality and size aren't great. The gyms are actually pretty expensive for what they come with. - Jul 2023

Many residences have gyms/pools in the buildings. Pools are less common in Bandra West. There are some outside gyms available, but I do not know how much they cost. - May 2023

Many apartments have gyms and there are several in Bandra. - Feb 2023

Most modern apartments have a community gym. Covid pandemic kind of shut that down. - Aug 2021

I don't use the public gym but I do have a gym in my building. - Nov 2020

Many apartment buildings have nice workout facilities in them. There are also lots of options like Gold’s Gym or privately-owned yoga studios. Not sure on the pricing for those. I've been disappointed a bit by the yoga. It's not like yoga in the US. It's very repetitive, not flow-like, and no music. - Aug 2019

There is a Gold's Gym in Bandra. Many residential buildings have small gyms. - Mar 2019

Small cramped gyms at a high cost. - Jan 2019

Consulate gym is good, some buildings have their own gym. - May 2018

I used the work gym, but from what I understand there are adequate local facilities. Running outside is nearly impossible due to traffic and pollution. - Jun 2017

Most apartments have gyms, as well as the Consulate. We even have a huge Gold's Gym here. - Aug 2015

My work has a small gym and a lot of apartments have their own. There are tons of yoga classes available including private teachers who will come to your home. Additionally, there are places like Gold's Gym but I've heard they are more fashion shows than workout facilities. - Nov 2014

The high-rise apartments have gyms and pools. If you need a gym, there are plenty. They are pretty expensive, more or less with U.S. prices. So they are the places you see the richest people and the Bollywood stars working out. - Mar 2014

Lots - costs vary. - Feb 2014

In Bandra there are several good gyms: Watsons, Golds Gym, iThink Fitness, with modern equipment and personal trainers. Many apartment buildings will also have a gym. - Feb 2014

Yes. There are gyms, there's some yoga also. I am trying Yoga House, which is priced like an American place and which I am less excited about. - Aug 2013

There's a Gold's Gym in Bandra that some people have joined and seem happy with. There are many other fitness centers, but I can't speak for their quality or price. My employer pays quite a bit towards club memberships, so some teachers, especially those with kids, join hotel clubs for gym and pool access. I used the money to buy a treadmill. The Yoga House has yoga classes for all levels---again, I am not sure how these are, but I have heard good things. - May 2013

The U.S. Consulate has a small gym. Some apartment buildings have good gyms. Commercial gyms (such as Gold's) have branches around the city. - Feb 2013

They are available but they charge exorbitant prices for substandard services. They would not negotiate on the price--which was the same as what nice Washington, D.C. gyms charge. One popular gym in Bandra had decent equipment but I hear it's overcrowded during peak hours and the stench is overwhelming. - Dec 2010

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