Mumbai - Post Report Question and Answers

Are there any unusual problems with insects or other infestations in housing?

Mosquitos during the winter. - Apr 2024

not really. - Jul 2023

Yes, there are lots of pest issues. Mosquitoes during the dry season/winter, ants, cockroaches, termites, and mice/rats are all possible issues. However, most of these can be mitigated. I just had mosquito nets hung for the first time in our two years here, and I'll occasionally see a cockroach. They say the cockroaches come up the pipes. There are local exterminators who can come and help with an infestation, though US diplomats should go through the Consulate to facilitate that and ensure safe chemicals/no chemicals are used. - May 2023

No. - Feb 2023

Rarely do I see any bugs in the apartment. I've only seen a few cockroaches once every six months. The apartment complex would fumigate apartments frequently and without warning. You may find yourself going home through a smoke-filled elevator from time to time. Found a second use for the Covid masks. - Aug 2021

I live on the second floor in my apartment building, and I occasionally get mosquitoes. Nothing too major like rats or bugs. - Nov 2020

Very few bugs. Ants occasionally, if we leave food here. MOLD is really the thing to be worried about, especially in rainy season. - Aug 2019

Some ants and cockroaches in the flats. There are some mosquitoes outside, which can carry malaria and dengue in India. Malaria is rare in Mumbai, but dengue is common and can be very serious. - Mar 2019

Yes, mosquitoes. - Jan 2019

Mosquitos. - May 2018

Bugs get into your sugar, flour, and other open food. Keep it in your freezer. - Jun 2017

Every year, a couple of people come down with Dengue. Malaria is a possibiilty, but I haven't heard anyone catching that in many years. The medical office also provides you with preventitive pills if you wish. I took them for a month, and quit. - Aug 2015

Mosquitoes - both dengue-carrying and malaria-carrying. Dengue cannot be treated or vaccinated against, you just have to be careful not to be bitten. You can take malaria prophylaxis and malaria is treatable but it's best just not to get bitten. It's a real concern, I know people who have been sick with each. We use lots of repellent and stay inside at dusk and dawn for the most part. Otherwise, there are no other real problematic bugs that we've encountered. - Nov 2014

You'll find every insect imaginable here outside. Hopefully you can keep them out. Malaria and dengue are serious problems though no one here seems to mind. - Mar 2014

All manners of insects carrying all diseases ever known to man are present. - Feb 2014

Mosquitoes. I've known a few people who got dengue here. - Feb 2014

Lots of bugs - my apartment has some in the kitchen routinely. Not as many mosquitoes during monsoon as you would expect. I see a mosquito once every two weeks maybe. - Aug 2013

Ants and small roaches were a bit of a problem until I bought traps from the US. Mosquitoes are a real problem. I have never seen so many mosquitoes in my life--I'm guessing they're due to the many bodies of stagnant, swampy water in this city. There are even mosquitoes in the airport and on the plane when you depart! Malaria and Dengue are real concerns. We invested in a UV trap that keeps mozzies at a minimum in our apartment. But I still wear Picardin repellent and use a mozzie racket when needed. Close windows and bathroom and kitchen doors to keep them out. And ask your housekeeper to remember to do so. - May 2013

Mosquitoes (including those carrying malaria and dengue). Ant invasions of homes are common. - Feb 2013

Since just after the end of the monsoon, we've had an ant problem. There are lots of mosquitos and it's a good idea to wear DEET repellent since malaria and denque fever are both in Mumbai. - Dec 2010

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