Mumbai - Post Report Question and Answers

What is the overall climate: is it extremely hot or cold, wet or dry, at any time of year, for example?

Wet and hot/mild during monsoon (June to September), hot October-December, kind of hot December-March, very hot April-June. - Apr 2024

Hot all the time. You will never need a coat in Mumbai, even on the coldest day. You really won't even need a long sleeved shirt, though you might want to wear one to protect you from the bugs. You will be wet from the humidity and rain during the monsoon season. - Jul 2023

It can be extremely hot. If you are not careful about getting enough water and replenishing electrolytes, you could suffer from heat exhaustion just from being outside for 20 minutes. Mumbai also has a monsoon season that generally lasts from June through the beginning of October. The temperature is generally milder during monsoon. - May 2023

Hot and hot. Monsoon season is July - late September. - Aug 2021

All year around is hot, June to September is rainy everyday. - Nov 2020

The weather is hot and muggy, year-round. The coolest it will get is mid-70s during the winter season. Unfortunately then people burn trash to stay warm so the AQI gets horrible. I’ll say this, you do not need warm coat, unless you’re planning to travel to the mountains. Some people get rainboots and raincoats for rainy season but I don’t think you really need them. Just a good umbrella should suffice. - Aug 2019

It's 90 degrees and humid, every day. A little cooler in winter (it can be very pleasant for a few months, where it will sometimes get as cool as 70 at night), and a little warmer in the spring. The monsoon runs from June-September, during which it will often rain hard for a few hours a day. - Mar 2019

Very hot and humid, winters are coller, Dec to Feb but air quality is terrible. - Jan 2019

Very hot, most of the time. - May 2018

Very hot in the summer (about 100 degrees Fahrenheit) and the 70's in the winter. The coldest it ever got was the 60's at nighttime in January. - Jun 2017

Hot from Dec to May, and monsoon season from June til Sept. But the past few years, the monsoon seasons have been pretty dry - relatively mild weather. - Aug 2015

Hot, hot, sometimes slightly less hot, then hot again. Oh, and monsoon. When it rains more or less continually for a couple of months. But it's still hot. If you prefer seasons, prepare yourself. I was told once that OF COURSE Mumbai has seasons -- there's summer, winter, monsoon, and mango! But summer, monsoon, and mango only vary by whether or not it's raining and the availability of mangos. It's still hot and humid. Winter is very imaginary -- lows around 70F, only early in the morning, and people are all bundled up and huddling over fires as if hypothermia is a real concern. They stare at us in shock in our light summery clothes. - Nov 2014

Hot year-round with a little bit of "winter" November to March when it feels like you're in Miami. It rains for four months June to October. And I mean RAINS. Monsoon is no joke. - Mar 2014

When it rains, it RAINS. There's two seasons- hot and very humid with temperatures in the low 100s (F), raining hard and very humid. - Feb 2014

It's sunny with blue skies about 9 months of the year and raining for the other 3 months. The weather outside of monsoon is pretty reliable. - Feb 2014

I've only seen it during late summer to monsoon. Summer was hot, but not excessively - 90 degrees was maybe the max. Monsoon is very humid and overcast all the time, which wears at you. But supposedly the weather is nice the rest of the year. - Aug 2013

June-October is rainy season (Monsoon). November-May is bone dry. The temperature dips a bit November-February, so you may be able to make do without AC. Rainy season is VERY wet and humid. I have two Croma humidifiers (10,000 rupees each) running day and night during monsoon in order to keep molds, mildews, and fungus at bay. Otherwise, say hello to mold-coated suitcases, clothing, shoes, etc. Tip: Attach the hose at the back and run it into the bathroom drain. That way, you won't have to keep emptying the machine when it fills up. April and May are especially hot because temperatures sore into the 90s, but there's no rain yet to cool things down. - May 2013

From December until around the beginning of March, temperatures are very pleasant and humidity is not bad. From March through the end of May, it is hot and humid. From June to the end of September, the monsoon season brings lower temperatures, but rain and high humidity almost every day. October and November are hot and humid. - Feb 2013

The monsoon runs approximately from July through early October. I found the monsoon to be enjoyable. The weather is cooler and I think the rain improves the air quality. During the cooler months it can actually get cool at night. We arrived at the end of July and, since then, we've found the weather to be rather pleasant. - Dec 2010

Rainy summer but cooler than March April May and October. Remaining months are VERY nice. - Nov 2008

June-Sept monsoon is humid and very wet. Oct is very hot. Nov-March are relatively cool and not so humid. April and May are very hot again. - Aug 2008

Hot and dry, and warm and wet. The hottest month is May-110 degrees, and monsoon is June-July-August- Most expats send the families away during the monsoon, as most kids are gone, and it rains heavily. - Jul 2008

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