Mumbai - Post Report Question and Answers

Was this post your first expatriate experience? If not, what other cities have you lived in as an expat?

First post but not first time abroad. Experience in Eastern/Western Europe and Brazil. - Apr 2024

No, I've also lived in Europe and Africa. - Jul 2023

No, this was my sixth expatriate experience. I lived in various cities in Russia, Jerusalem, Ciudad Juarez, Kyiv, Abuja, and now Mumbai. - May 2023

I have lived overseas on-off for about 25 years. It started when I did an exchange program in university and continued since then: Hong Kong, Ouagadougou, Addis Ababa, Dakar, Freetown, Rome, Paris, Durban, Lome, and Mumbai. - Feb 2023

Third. I have also live in Bagram and Taipei. - Aug 2021

I have previously lived in Japan and China. - Nov 2020

This is our fourth overseas experience. We’ve also lived in South America, Asia, and Africa. - Aug 2019

Third posting abroad, after Mexico City and South Africa. - Mar 2019

Various postings in South America, Europe, and Asia - Jan 2019

No, lived in various cities in Europe, South America and Asia. - May 2018

Other than studying abroad, yes - it was my first experience working overseas. - Jun 2017

No, this is my third tour. I've been in Jeddah, Mexico City and DC. - Aug 2015

We lived in Moscow previously. - Nov 2014

No, I have lived in some European countries. - Mar 2014

I've lived in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur - Feb 2014

No, I've lived in several major cities in Asia. - Feb 2014

No. I have also lived in China, the UK, Mexico. - Aug 2013

I have lived in Southeast Asia for 12 years total. - May 2013

No, I've lived in Seoul and Santiago, Chile previously. - Dec 2010

No. - Nov 2008

No. I have also lived in Moscow. - Aug 2008

Second overseas assignment. - Jul 2008

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