Mumbai - Post Report Question and Answers

Can you save money?

Oh yeah! Hardship and cola? I'm raking in the bucks! - Aug 2015

Yes, if you don't spend it all on travel and getting clothes made and buying rugs and jewelry! - Nov 2014

Yes, quite easily if you want to. Alcohol out in bars is the most expensive thing. Otherwise everything is cheap. - Mar 2014

Yes. - Feb 2014

Yes. Food can be extremely cheap. Housing, the opposite. - Aug 2013

Hmmm. Good question! I *should* have been able to save money because I have no children or debt. But I spent a fortune on travel last year. I visited friends out of the country at every opportunity (it's how I dealt with culture shock). Also, you have to a pay a premium for "average" in India. Wealthy Indians are willing to pay a small fortune for decent food and a little peace and quiet and green space, so anything that isn't crowded and dirty will cost you. - May 2013

yes. - Feb 2013

Yes, it is possible, especially if you order or do without western food items. Many, many things are much less expensive than they are in Europe or the United States. This is one of the best things about this city. - Dec 2010

Oh yeah! - Nov 2008

Some, but many people frequently travel to have a break from the oppressive city. This eats up funds. - Aug 2008

If you don't travel. - Jul 2008

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