Mumbai - Post Report Question and Answers

But don't forget your:

Open mind and heart. - Apr 2024

raincoat, patience, and sense of adventure. - Jul 2023

electronics (they are expensive here). - May 2023

Don't forget that you have R&Rs here. Use them - Aug 2021

GoPro, sunglasses, rain gear, and rabies vaccines. - Nov 2020

Swimsuit, suitcase, walking shoes & camera. - Aug 2019

Calmness in the face of chaos. - Mar 2019

Sun screen, bug repellant. - May 2018

Stomach medicine. - Jun 2017

Patience. - Aug 2015

Pepto, ear plugs, noise canceling headphones, patience, patience, patience. - Mar 2014

Grit and determination. - Feb 2014

Sense of adventure to deal with the different culture here. - Aug 2013

Sense of humor, patience, grace. I would bring a pollution mask of sorts, although I don't see anyone using one. Bring lots of shoes, as you may not be able to find your size, and shoes get damaged quickly in the humidity/rain. Bring a rain-coat, umbrellas, good quality sunscreen (expensive here), repellent, first-aid kit, any make-up or toiletries you love (expensive here), stick deodorant, Crest toothpaste, Crayola markers if you have kids or are a teacher, good quality baking and cooking equipment (expensive here), and good quality sheets and towels (expensive here). Oh, I didn't have a sofa for the first 6 months I lived here because I couldn't find one that was both affordable AND not hard as a rock. I finally found someone (Mr. Kouch) who made me a perfectly soft, L-shaped sofa, but it cost me $800. Fabindia sells nice furniture, but it's expensive and not always very well made. Also--RUGS! Unless you want to spend a ton on fancy Persian carpets, bring your own rugs. It's hard to find anything "middle of the road" here. It's either VERY expensive boutique-y stuff or shoddy, cheap stuff from Big Bazaar. There's no Target or Bed, Bath, and Beyond where you can pick up an average bookshelf or decent area rug for a good price. - May 2013

olive oil; wine; organic foods; galoshes and umbrella (for the monsoon); electronics (expensive here and can't be shipped through the diplomatic pouch); your laptop/tablet/portable DVD player for the countless hours you will be stuck in traffic. - Feb 2013

patience, assertiveness, western business clothing, quality business shoes, rain boots, nail polish, pedicure kit, mosquito repellent, electronics. - Dec 2010

Knee-high rubber rain boots. - Aug 2008

Rain jacket, hats, sandals, mosquito repellent (for excursions), and your India travel book. - Jul 2008

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