Mumbai - Post Report Question and Answers

If you move here, you can leave behind your:

Expectations about India. - Apr 2024

winter clothes, sense of personal space, and traffic etiquette. - Jul 2023

entire wardrobe (buy new clothes here!) and car. - May 2023

Expectations. - Aug 2021

Winter clothes, boots, sense of calm, and western credit cards. - Nov 2020

Winter coat, bikes. - Aug 2019

Bicycles, skateboards, warm jackets, surfboards, and skis. - Mar 2019

Sanity :-) Cold weather clothes, outdoor sports equipment. - May 2018

Running shoes, cold weather clothes. - Jun 2017

Car, cold weather gear and clothes. - Aug 2015

Winter coat! Although maybe not, because you might want to take a trip somewhere cold to get away from the sameness of the weather here. But you won't need it in Mumbai. Also leave behind your need for efficiency and your impatience. - Nov 2014

Nice shoes, winter coat. - Mar 2014

Impressions of India as a hell hole. You can live like a prince, and a pauper too if you so wish. And your impressions of India as one huge boiling furnace. You have the world's highest motorable roads in India, and large parts of the Himalayas remain frozen year-round. - Feb 2014

Expectations that it will be like New York, or that it's extremely poor, or that everyone speaks English. - Aug 2013

Expectations. Generally, the lower your expectations for EVERYTHING in India, the happier you will be. You also won't need your bicycle--unless you're insane! Forget any outdoor/sports equipment, as you won't really have anywhere to use it. - May 2013

bicycle (too dangerous and chaotic to bike here) and winter clothes (it never gets cold). - Feb 2013

winter coats. - Dec 2010

Warm weather clothes. - Aug 2008

Snow gear, coats, and extra furniture. - Jul 2008

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