Mumbai - Post Report Question and Answers

What are some typical ways to socialize, either with local people or with other expatriates? Are there groups or clubs that you can recommend?

Indians are super friendly and outgoing so it’s easy to make friends at gyms, yoga classes, trivia nights, walking tours, bars, etc. I play soccer with a mixed group of Indians and expats and met many of my friends through other Indians in the group. - Apr 2024

Yes, lots of opportunities. Though it's basically impossible to get into a formal "club" unless you are a legacy. Doesn't even matter if you're rich. - Jul 2023

Mumbai Connections is a group that seems to do a lot. There is also an American International Women’s Club (ACIW) that people connect with. If you are a parent, you can get linked into multiple school-related groups where you can connect with other parents. There are ample ways to socialize, though you may need to make substantial effort to meet people when you first arrive, especially for those with smaller communities at their workplace. - May 2023

Singles use dating apps and drink. Couples have BBQs. - Aug 2021

Before COVID, dance clubs are quite popular to meet people. Raasta in Bandra is exceptionally popular among the Consulate community. - Nov 2020

Common social activities are brunches at hotels, attending festivals, going out to dinner, playdates, and school functions. You will run into people you know all the time. That part is fun. Some expat-focused groups that are great for making instant friends are: ACIW, Mumbai Connections and Hopping Bunnies. The school is also a natural place to make friends. They have all sorts of parent clubs you can get involved with. - Aug 2019

There are a lot of house parties, and very little outdoors! - Mar 2019

Consulate has a few events, but a bit insular as singles only socialize with singles and families with families... - May 2018

Cigar Club meets once a month at an expat bar. They have cigars, but it's more of a happy hour/party to meet other foreigners. There are other expat-oriented bars that cater to foreigners. - Jun 2017

Pretty much everything you can find in New York City, you have here. It's just not as clean. - Aug 2015

Expensive boozy brunches, ridiculously dirty dive bars, lots of restaurants to explore, rooftop bars... there are a few art galleries that are getting better. Planning trips out. - Mar 2014

There are some bars; the city usually shuts down by 10pm. - Feb 2014

I've said quite a bit about this. Mostly eating out, work parties, some dinner parties. The Blue Frog has great live music occasionally. - May 2013

As much or as little as you want. You could easily spend every night attending social events if you wanted. - Feb 2013

Many people host dinners or parties in their homes. The expat community here is very social. - Dec 2010

Some okay restaurants and clubs. People do a lot of entertaining at home. - Aug 2008

Vibrant social scene, late nights- indians don't eat dinner until approx 11:00, so parties go late. - Jul 2008

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